Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Me: "Boy, you guys sure looked nice today".

Drew: "Yup Mom.....even nicer than you".

Well, ok then.

Drew really ought to consider being nicer to the person that picks out his clothes and buys them. Wait 'til he sees what I pick out for him to wear next Easter. He might have to admit that I look better. ;-)

Other than that little exchange, Easter was really a lot of fun!!!

Ready, Set.....
Ummm....Liam, you are not actually supposed to eat the paper.
Who needs candy when you can eat potato chips, right Connor?!?!

Happy Easter!!


The Wright Trips said...

Awww, Kelly! They all look so cute & like little men! I love the picture with your boys & your sister's boys. Looks like you had a wonderful easter.

Jennifer said...

Awesome job taking pictures, and awesome Easter. Thanks for posting, and a FYI... I'm linking this post to my blog, since I didn't take one picture at the party. THANKS!

Cathy said...

Hey Kelly... I am sure you looked really nice (if we could have seen a photo?!?) j/k LOL!!

Eveeryone looks great and love Connor with the chips!

Happy Easter!! ;)