Friday, October 31, 2008

Flashback Friday....The Halloween Edition...




...and 1973 ;)

Also, October 31, 2001, was the day that we found out that I as pregnant with the boys. That was a pretty awesome Halloween too!

Happy Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Halloween-election Day!!!

For your reading enjoyment....thanks Rich!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween came early....

Well, not really.

Really, it is just me getting re-acquainted with my photo editing software and entertaining my children before bedtime.

4 am at our house....

Jack has been having a bit of trouble sleeping lately. I think that he is bit over-tired and that combined with his smart little brain working overtime at bedtime is making it a little difficult for him to relax and go to sleep. We have had a few times in the last month where he has gotten up in the middle of the night, stood in the hallway and started yelling "Mom!! Mom!!".

Last night was one of those nights. It was 4 am and I was sound asleep. All of the sudden, Jack started yelling for me. It always startles me so I jumped out of bed and ran into the hallway.

Me: "Jack, what's the matter?"

Jack is crying and says: "Mommy, I'm just so afraid"

Me: "Ok, relax, what are you afraid of?"

Jack: "I'mmmmm.....I'mmmmm....I'mmmm......just so afraid......that I am going to run out of SALIVA!!"

Seriously!! No joke, most kids are afraid of lightening and thunder, or monsters under their bed, not MY child, MY child is afraid of running out of saliva!!

LOL! I can laugh now because it is not 4am...definitely not funny at 4am!

After getting a big drink of water, to replenish his saliva, and some encouragement to start naming Cubs' players in his head, to clear his mind, he did go back to sleep.

Never a dull moment....

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Soccer Season Grand Finale...

Yesterday was Ben's last soccer game of the season and today was the end of the season PARTY!! The coaches took all of the kids out for pizza and the kids were all very excited to receive real trophies!! It was Ben's first trophy and he was very excited! As soon as the coach announced that all of the players would receive a trophy, Ben had the biggest smile on his face. What an awesome thing for the coaches to do. Ben can't wait to sign up for soccer again!

One happy soccer star...


With the weather going bad, it is time to dig out the indoor games. As much fun as "Twister" is, I much prefer bike rides and going to the park in the evening. I'm missing the warm weather already. :(

Drew..."cool" as always...

Twister gone bad...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Election 2008...

"Charles Harrison"
Isn't that a very presidential name?!?!
Thank you Aunt Jeannine...LOVE the shirt!!

I've been considering doing a political post for some time. This is hard for personality is not one to make "trouble" and I tend to avoid conflict. For whatever reason, I have noticed that lately, my tendancy to avoid conflict has dimished a bit....oops...oh well. :) So, my new trouble-maker personality trait combined with my frustration over the current state of our country and this damn election is making this post a must....if I don't post it, my head may burst.

2 hours later...

Well, after staring at the computer screen for hours, and typing...and deleting....and typing some more, I'm chickening out.

At least my head shouldn't explode because I got most of it out. I just saved it as a draft. ;)

I've decided to sleep on it and decide if I want to post it tomorrow. It's very long...and boring, but we'll see. Maybe I'll break it into topics. What do you want first, the economy?, abortion?, the war? I've got opinions about all of it. :)

Good night.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Flashback Friday...

I'm borrowing the idea for this feature from the blog of another triplet mom plus. I think it is an awesome idea. Thanks to the Polhamus Family. I'm already looking forward to next Friday!!

August 2002

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Camouflage Day...WooHoo?!?!

It seems that I *just* posted about not particularly enjoying arts & crafts at home. Especially, arts & crafts that involve paint...and my kitchen.


Well, yesterday was "camouflage day" at school. Don't ask....I know, last Friday was "Spirit Day" and now this week is "Red Ribbon Week" to educate the kids about the dangers of drugs. Each day of "Red Ribbon Week" comes complete with a theme which includes a suggestion for how the students should dress.

Monday dress in red
Tuesday dress in pj's
Wednesday dress in camouflage
Thursday dress in sweats
Friday wear Red, White and Blue.

Now I know that my friend (and blog reader) Michele worked hard on planning everything for this week, and you know I love ya Michele, but you are killing me here! ;)

Anyway, back to Wednesday's theme of "fighting drugs" by wearing camouflage....

I know that camouflage is "cool" and I *thought* that we were pretty cool, but we had NO camouflage for the boys to wear...I guess we are not as cool as I thought.

Too bad Liam, Aidan and Connor didn't let their cousins borrow their cool camouflage.
Jun 2008

Charlie and I (mostly me) decided to make it our mission this week to find something for the boys to wear for Wednesday. Now, some of you triplet moms may not believe me when I say this, but shopping with one - 2 year old, while I totally agree is much easier than shopping with three - 2 year olds, is still not exactly a picnic. Charlie is actually a pretty good shopper, if the store has a cart with a car, and I keep it moving, and if I let him "visit" and hug all of the stuffed friends that he sees, and if I know exactly what I am looking for. There is no browsing with a 2 year old....well, at least not with my 2 year old. Needless to say, I did not have any luck quickly securing 3 items of camouflage clothing for my 1st graders to "Fight Drugs"

So, what am I supposed to do? I guess that I could send them to school in regular clothes with a big sign that says "My mom has too many kids so, I had to come to school today with inappropriate clothes to fight the war on drugs". But, that wouldn't have looked good. So, Charlie andI made one last stop at Michael's Craft Store and bought some green shirts, brown paint, dark green paint and a sponge. When the boys got home, they went to work creating their new camouflage shirts.

Unfortunately, the selection of green shirts was pretty skimpy. I think the drugs might find these soldiers pretty easily in their neon green camouflage shirts. :) But, they all look pretty happy who needs drugs when you look this happy over new shirts!!

New Signature...

Ok, sorry for you that get updates on Igooge or whatever. I was trying to make a signature and the site send this ad to my blog as a post. I was going to delete it, but my signature works so, I'll leave it here.

I guess my new "signature" is another reason to go back to the old, boring layout. The green on orange isn't really working well.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I hope this phase lasts FOREVER!!!

Ben and Drew have a renewed interest in an old "toy". This old "toy happens to be their little brother. Drew was playing with Charlie for quite a while yesterday in the family room.

I wasn't paying that much attention, but I knew that Drew was teaching him stuff. When they were finished, Drew came and got me and handed me his Magnadoodle.

"Dear Mom. At spelling today Charlie was a great and smart student! Today, we were learning about the Vowels: a and I. Love M.R. Andrew"

Then today, the boys were all playing in the basement after school. Ben was giving Charlie a private art lesson.

That was until "Mr. Andrew" came in and told "Mr. Ben" that he needed to "pull Charlie out for speech". LOL!! Mr. Andrew and Mr. Ben debated it for a few minutes and it was decided that Charlie could go to speech with Mr. Andrew in 5 minutes. Drew proceeded to count to 60 five times and then he collected Charlie. Mr. Andrew did report to me that Charlie was working on "the lonely vowels e and o" (?), but Charlie did not do as well yesterday so, we need to practice.

I'm really hoping that they don't tire of this *toy* any time soon.

We love Daddy, so........

Game 1 of the World Series between the Phillies and the Rays is tonight. So, for at least the next week, we are all Phillies fans.

All my cute Phillies
Like my "new" Phillies shirt? I made it with an old red shirt and some new letters. I was having so much fun that I made Charlie's too. Spencer was definitely surprised to see me in a Phillies shirt!!
Another baseball dinner.
Italian Beef sandwiches with nachos for the "vegetable"

"Look Mom, I made a Bears Fan....get's a fan that says "Bears"...a Bears Fan!!"
LOL!! Our little competitive guy has handled the demise of the Cubs quite well. He is definitely still a Cubs fan, but he was a good sport and put on a Phillies shirt to make Dad happy.

Shameless Plugs...

I added a new link on my sidebar for a book through Amazon that was co-written by a friend and fellow triplet mom. If you are looking for a cool, cookbook-type gift, for someone....or for YOU, check it out!! It is called "Mom's Happy Hour Cookbook".

Also, Jen (my sister and the mother of my adorable triplet nephews) has finally gotten her blog up and rolling. The link is on the sidebar titled "TRIPLE BLESSED". It has lots of very cute pictures of Liam, Aidan and Connor. Enjoy!!

Update on Layout...

I will change it after the weekend. My dad is out of town and wants to see it before I take it down...I guess so that he can tell me how much he likes the other one better.

I still really like it, I was just thinking that it would probably be better for a blog that has a lot of pictures and not as much writing....I just talk too much. I can see how a white background would make it easier to read. But, you must admit that it is very pretty! I like LeeLou's style!

Thanks for all of the nice posts yesterday. I enjoyed reading them. Theresa is right that I would not block anyone from reading. I will admit that although I was a bit bummed that a lot of people won't admit to being readers, I'm still very glad that you are!! So, if you get a change of heart, say "hi" once in a while. I'd love to hear from you. An old friend emailed me a couple of weeks ago to tell me how much she enjoyed my blog...I'm still riding that "high".

Ok, I won't say any more about it. The bottom line is that I'll change my format back to "boring" and I am really glad that you are here!!

Love ya!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


51 readers today...only 7 comments (by people other than me) even after all my begging and pleading.

I may have to think of a bloggy way to mess with those people that won't admit to being one of my readers. I'll have to think of something good. Look out!!

BTW, to Natasha, Sally, Katie, Jen, Michelle, Laura and Elaine....Love ya!!

Something you don't want to hear on the walk to school...

"Mom, I think I forgot to put on my underwear."

Ugh!! To make this even beter, I must mention that it is "Pajama Day" (again!!) and I bought new pajama pants yesterday....special for this occasion......that were a little bit too big......sooooo not good!!

There is no way that I could send my son to school, without underwear, in pajama pants that were a bit on the big side. He is only 6, but I'm guessing that if he had a pajama pants malfunction, without underwear, that is something that would not be forgotten by the classmates that he will be with for the next 12 years!

*Fortunately*, before turning around and going back home, I "checked" and he did, in fact, have his underwear on. Thank you God!!! I hope that all of the challenges that I encounter today are solved this easily!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

An interactive blog post...

This blog has 2 assignments for YOU!, my loyal and not-so-loyal readers...

First of all, do you hate my new layout? I found it last night on a site that has free blog layouts for people to use. I thought it was quite cute and I was pretty proud of myself for actually getting it to work. And, my friend Katie posted a comment about how much she liked it so, I was feeling pretty good.

Then, a friend of mine, that shall remain namelss, emailed me today and "bursted" my bubble. She told me that it looks exaggeration, her exact words were "I don't like it one bit". I would typically blow this off, but this friend of mine, is quite creative and I have always admired her "style"....and she is a huge fan of my blog, so quite "cool" too.

So, her email and then a conversation that I had with Spencer about him 'thinking he liked the blog better before', has left me questioning whether I should keep it or change it back.

So, what do you think? How do you feel about the new set up???

1. Hate it, if you keep it like this, I'm going to read your sister's blog instead.

2. Don't like it too much, but your blog is way too good to stop reading.

3. Don't care.

4. I like it better than the old pink thing.

5. Love it!! If you change it back I'll be really sad.

So, post me a comment and let me know what you think.

Part II

Remember I said that you have 2 assignments for this post?!?!

Well, for your 2nd assigment, I would really appreciate it if you would take a second to de-lurk. Send me a comment....please!! I would really love to know who is out there. I don't care if I invited you, or if I didn't, or if I know you, or if I don't, or even if I like you....everyone is welcome!! If you are interested in reading about us, I'm glad that you are here...I just am curious as to who you are. Before I was a blogger, I never left comments for the other blogs that I read. Now that I am a blogger, I know how much the comments are appreciated. Think of it as giving something back to me for all of the entertainment I provide to you. :)

Again, you don't have to register with Google to leave a comment, just check the box as anonymous, and leave a comment. Just don't forget to tell me who you are in the comment or that would be sorta defeating the purpose. ;)

Thank you!!! I'll go back to doing all of the hard work tomorrow. Unless you guys don't do a good job with your assignment, then I might be working on figuring out a way to block you. ;)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our newest addition...

Meet "Halloweenie"...

I came up with the idea of making a scarecrow before I realized that although there are many leaves on the ground, for whatever reason, the trees in our front yard are still full of leaves.

Luckily, our neighbor had a bunch of leaves that we could "borrow".

We needed a lot of leaves...

But, the boys worked really hard...

And, did a great job!!

Just for the record, I did not dress the boys alike, in their red sweaters again today. These pictures were taking on Thursday (Picture Day). I just didn't have time to post them until now. :)