Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Update on Layout...

I will change it after the weekend. My dad is out of town and wants to see it before I take it down...I guess so that he can tell me how much he likes the other one better.

I still really like it, I was just thinking that it would probably be better for a blog that has a lot of pictures and not as much writing....I just talk too much. I can see how a white background would make it easier to read. But, you must admit that it is very pretty! I like LeeLou's style!

Thanks for all of the nice posts yesterday. I enjoyed reading them. Theresa is right that I would not block anyone from reading. I will admit that although I was a bit bummed that a lot of people won't admit to being readers, I'm still very glad that you are!! So, if you get a change of heart, say "hi" once in a while. I'd love to hear from you. An old friend emailed me a couple of weeks ago to tell me how much she enjoyed my blog...I'm still riding that "high".

Ok, I won't say any more about it. The bottom line is that I'll change my format back to "boring" and I am really glad that you are here!!

Love ya!

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Anonymous said...


From Bill C (your old retired former co-worker and fellow OC vacationer). I like your new format. Stay with it.

I am not a blogger but check yours occasionally to stay current on your family.