Monday, October 20, 2008

An interactive blog post...

This blog has 2 assignments for YOU!, my loyal and not-so-loyal readers...

First of all, do you hate my new layout? I found it last night on a site that has free blog layouts for people to use. I thought it was quite cute and I was pretty proud of myself for actually getting it to work. And, my friend Katie posted a comment about how much she liked it so, I was feeling pretty good.

Then, a friend of mine, that shall remain namelss, emailed me today and "bursted" my bubble. She told me that it looks exaggeration, her exact words were "I don't like it one bit". I would typically blow this off, but this friend of mine, is quite creative and I have always admired her "style"....and she is a huge fan of my blog, so quite "cool" too.

So, her email and then a conversation that I had with Spencer about him 'thinking he liked the blog better before', has left me questioning whether I should keep it or change it back.

So, what do you think? How do you feel about the new set up???

1. Hate it, if you keep it like this, I'm going to read your sister's blog instead.

2. Don't like it too much, but your blog is way too good to stop reading.

3. Don't care.

4. I like it better than the old pink thing.

5. Love it!! If you change it back I'll be really sad.

So, post me a comment and let me know what you think.

Part II

Remember I said that you have 2 assignments for this post?!?!

Well, for your 2nd assigment, I would really appreciate it if you would take a second to de-lurk. Send me a comment....please!! I would really love to know who is out there. I don't care if I invited you, or if I didn't, or if I know you, or if I don't, or even if I like you....everyone is welcome!! If you are interested in reading about us, I'm glad that you are here...I just am curious as to who you are. Before I was a blogger, I never left comments for the other blogs that I read. Now that I am a blogger, I know how much the comments are appreciated. Think of it as giving something back to me for all of the entertainment I provide to you. :)

Again, you don't have to register with Google to leave a comment, just check the box as anonymous, and leave a comment. Just don't forget to tell me who you are in the comment or that would be sorta defeating the purpose. ;)

Thank you!!! I'll go back to doing all of the hard work tomorrow. Unless you guys don't do a good job with your assignment, then I might be working on figuring out a way to block you. ;)


Anonymous said...

My answer is number 2 - and I love your blog - it is the only one I read - as I do not have your sisters. I do check it daily and really enjoy all you write!!!! - Elaine

Laura said...

I like it! You're gonna have to let me know where you found the templates!

Kelly said...

Laura, it is LeeLou Blog's. The link is on the sidebar. It is free if you post her little blurb on your blog. ;)

Tasha said...

My answer is 2 also, the background is nice and I do like the colors, but I have to scroll more now and I liked seeing everything at once.

As far as assignment #2 I have you beat for leaving comments. I don't post as often as you but you get more comments from me than you leave comments.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I like your old blog better, this one is too busy, sorry Kelly!! :) I do enjoy reading your blog every day and it won't stop me doing that.

Katie said...

#1 - I like it as it represents fall - you will have to update it in the future for Christmas or something else fun. It's nothing like I've seen before ;~) I will admit that some people have really cool creative ones, but I don't know how to do that and it might take too much time. I'm sure this was a quick one. I will admit I'm not overly creative and others are. Sort of like I will admit how my house isn't super clean except when I take pictures of it. LOL!
#2 This is a great idea - I know other people check in to read my blog and it's fun to see who they are. Helps me get idea's for posts sometimes too after peeking at another's blog.

Jennifer said...

#3... don't care. I just like to know what is going on in my nephews' lives. They provide the awesome material and you present it in a very interesting manner. The background color doesn't make a bit of difference to me. Just keep the stories coming! And I agree with Tash, up until yesterday you were the only one who had my blog address, and you haven't left many comments at all. Practice what you preach sister ;-).

Anonymous said...

Number 3. You know who I am. ;) I'm one of your frequent comment leavers, plus you steal stuff from my life and use it on your blog. ;)


Kelly said...

Elaine, I think Jen sent you her's last night. I've added it to my sidebar too.

Tasha, touche...sorry. I do think that if we looked at %'s, it would be pretty close. I'll be better.

Hi Sally!!! Glad to see you are still with me. Hope all is well.

Katie, I signed in on yours.

Jen, glad to see you are blogging. I'll be sure to "comment" more frequently...especially now that I am not the one writing the posts on your blog. :)

Michelle, what can I say, other than you crack me up! You might be reading my blog, but I'm peekin' in YOUR windows for material. :)

Cathy said...

GO BACK TO THE OLD FORMAT!! :) Sorry.. this one is way too busy! Winni agrees with me!

Sugar Mommy said...

My name is Kimberly. I have been reading your blog for a while. I even have it in my list of favorites on my blog! I can say I know how you feel about the comments. I have lots of visits and hardly any comments. I like to know who was visiting.
I love the new layout! I think it is very festive for fall! So keep up the great work!

Theresa said...

I have to say, i don't see you blocking readers as a realistic option--- you like us a little too much. As for the template, I went looking under the set-up to see where you found the cool dots--so there you have a winner. Finally, as soon as Hadley gets over her runny nose do you and Charlie want to have a playdate?

Kelly said...

Thanks Kimberly! Your girls are beautiful, I'll have to check out your blog...and leave a comment!

You are right Theresa, I wouldn't block anyone. As much as I was bummed that people didn't say "hi", I have to admit that I feel pretty cool that 51 people stopped in yesterday to see what I was saying. I would like to think of a good way to "mess" with people though. Hmmmmm.....

Anonymous said...

Just don't tell anyone how dirty my house is, deal?


Scott and Jaclyn said...

I'm Jaclyn (a fellow triplet Mom) and I read your blog too! :) I had 4 girls to start... so it's neat to see the opposite!

Oh, and I don't who half of the people who visit my blog are

And- I like the layout!