Monday, October 13, 2008

Favorite Thing about School...

One of *my* favorite things about the boys going to school has always been the arts & crafts that they do at school.

You may wonder what, specifically, it is about arts and crafts at school that I love so much??? Well, although I really do enjoy seeing the beautiful, creative things that they make in school, I have to admit that the best thing about them doing arts & crafts in school is, well, that it is *AT* school!!!

This was especially true when the boys were in preschool. I loved, loved, loved that they got their fill of markers, paints, clay and glue at school. Every once in a while preschool did let me down and we had to do some messy art at home.

I remember the first year of preschool, they had to "dress like their mascot" one day. problem, except it also said that "the child should be involved in creating the outfits with their parent". And, really, really great, the boys mascots were a bear (not too bad), an ant (a little tougher), and a snail (how the heck are you supposed to dress like a SNAIL?!?!). I just remember that we decided to paint pillow cases for their "costumes". There was a lot of paint! On the brushes, on the hands, in the hair, on the faces, on their clothes, on my clothes, on the table, on the chairs, on the walls, on the was a MESS! Lesson learned...don't give triplet 3 year olds paint in your kitchen!

So, that brings us to today....the boys are now 6 years old...I'll just say that I still *really* like that they do crafts at school.

But, Ben has been talking about a Webkinz blender that he saw on the internet and he wants to make for his friend "Matt" (his Webkinz dalmation). Ben found the directions on how to make this blender several weeks ago. Honestly, I thought he would forget about it. But, every few days he would mention it again. He would see an empty water bottle on the counter and mention how he needed it for his blender, then he would ask if we had any black paint....and white paint....and a box..and black foam. Since it became painfully obvious that he was not going to forget about it, I told him that we could make it on Columbus Day, since there was no school on Columbus Day. Well, today was Columbus Day. We all went to Hobby Lobby this morning to buy a piece of black foam. Then after bringing Jack to the doctor, Ben and I started working on Matt's blender. It was actually pretty fun and I thought it turned out really good! It did help that it was 75 degrees outside so, everything that involved paint could be done OUTSIDE! But, it really, really turned out nice. I'm glad Ben kept pushing for it. I also hope that "Matt" enjoys his new blender.


Anonymous said...

Great job on the blender! What did Matt need a blender for...just because?


Cathy said...

Awwww... how cute!! Yea... before reading your clip... I saw the picture and wondered where you bought it... I didn't realize he made it!! Very creative!! Keep up the great work BEN!!

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, I soooo love the pictures of the boys dressed in their mascot costumes. Seriously, too cute!!!