Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Great Mail Week...

For it being an ordinary week, we got some great mail!!

The first package of the week came Tuesday afternoon. A few of Spencer's friends came in town a couple of weeks ago for the Bears/Eagles football game. They stayed over-night at our house. To thank the boys for their "hospitality", Rich sent a box with a few treats. The boys thought it was all very cool!

Then, today, this pretty package arrived from Aunt Jeaninne, Uncle David, Craig and Charlie.

When I read the return address on the box, I knew that *I* was in trouble. The box turned out to be full of the best Halloween cookies that you have ever had!!!

They sent similar ones for last Valentine's Day. Yum!! Needless to say, *I* ate most of the Valentine's cookies. I really have to remember this time, that the package was addressed to "The Guys". The problem is that I have the sweetest guys that don't mind sharing, and don't exactly have the best memory...out of sight, out of mind. (I soooo don't get that...I know that since we opened the box, I haven't thought about anything else!!)

So, thank you very much to our friends for brightening our week!!

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