Saturday, October 25, 2008

Election 2008...

"Charles Harrison"
Isn't that a very presidential name?!?!
Thank you Aunt Jeannine...LOVE the shirt!!

I've been considering doing a political post for some time. This is hard for personality is not one to make "trouble" and I tend to avoid conflict. For whatever reason, I have noticed that lately, my tendancy to avoid conflict has dimished a bit....oops...oh well. :) So, my new trouble-maker personality trait combined with my frustration over the current state of our country and this damn election is making this post a must....if I don't post it, my head may burst.

2 hours later...

Well, after staring at the computer screen for hours, and typing...and deleting....and typing some more, I'm chickening out.

At least my head shouldn't explode because I got most of it out. I just saved it as a draft. ;)

I've decided to sleep on it and decide if I want to post it tomorrow. It's very long...and boring, but we'll see. Maybe I'll break it into topics. What do you want first, the economy?, abortion?, the war? I've got opinions about all of it. :)

Good night.


Scott and Jaclyn said...

haha..we just had an election in Canada too and I was debating about doing a political post... I decided against it b/c so many of my family members have very strong opinions...very opposite of my own... :S So I guess that I too - chickened out... I love your "I can vote without Oprah's help" thing!

Theresa said...

Two things:
first LOVE the picture of Charlie!!
Second: sometimes it is better to just lay it all out there. As far as that goes remember it is YOUR blog that this opinion statement is going on, and that is really the type of forum where it belongs. Either way, I know what you mean about it helping just to write it down.

Dad said...

Hi Kelly,

I like the new template, but it’s the narrative and plethora of photographs that make your blog so interesting. The only constructive criticism I can offer is that the red lettering is not pleasing to the eyes. Then again, that may have something to do with aging.

Your mother and I agree that Charles Harrison not only sounds presidential, but he has that presidential look. Anyway he has our vote, but we may be somewhat bias.

Love, Papa

Tasha said...

I want to hear all of it and I hope to visit Charlie at the White House some day---will secrect service let the first mother's crazy friend in???

Jennifer said...

I agree with Theresa... since it's YOUR blog, I think you should post whatever you want. If people want to skip it, that's their prerogative. Plus I know you are always interested to learn what other's think and WHY, so you'll probably get some pretty interesting 'comments', and I know you love those!!! :-)