Friday, October 31, 2008

Flashback Friday....The Halloween Edition...




...and 1973 ;)

Also, October 31, 2001, was the day that we found out that I as pregnant with the boys. That was a pretty awesome Halloween too!

Happy Halloween!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween!!!!!

I love the flashback!!! Where is 2007? I was so surprised looking at the pictures and then all of a sudden Charlie appears - Yea - He is such an awesome addition!!!


Laura said...

Hey - I found out I was pregnant with my girls on Halloween, too! It must be a triplet thing!

msmichelel said...

Kelly - I so wanted Trevor to be a Bee this year, but they only had "girlie" bees at the stores where I went. i loved seeing the three little bees!
Great pictures, I have to go upload some of mine from tonight!
Happy Halloween (and while I didn't find out I was preg on Halloween 2001, I did concieve the weekend of Halloween that year!)

Tasha said...

Happy Halloween, that is so cool how you had all those years , I wish I was that organized.
Hope they got lots of treats this year!

Mishelle said...

Funny! Love the picture...! Oh and I got pregnant on Halloween 2002! Isn't that a baby streak for all of us!?

Jennifer said...

Awesome Post! Please put up a picture of all the boys in this year's costumes too. I'm still sad that I didn't get to see the triplets this year. I hope they all had a fun day!