Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Something you don't want to hear on the walk to school...

"Mom, I think I forgot to put on my underwear."

Ugh!! To make this even beter, I must mention that it is "Pajama Day" (again!!) and I bought new pajama pants yesterday....special for this occasion......that were a little bit too big......sooooo not good!!

There is no way that I could send my son to school, without underwear, in pajama pants that were a bit on the big side. He is only 6, but I'm guessing that if he had a pajama pants malfunction, without underwear, that is something that would not be forgotten by the classmates that he will be with for the next 12 years!

*Fortunately*, before turning around and going back home, I "checked" and he did, in fact, have his underwear on. Thank you God!!! I hope that all of the challenges that I encounter today are solved this easily!!