Monday, October 27, 2008

4 am at our house....

Jack has been having a bit of trouble sleeping lately. I think that he is bit over-tired and that combined with his smart little brain working overtime at bedtime is making it a little difficult for him to relax and go to sleep. We have had a few times in the last month where he has gotten up in the middle of the night, stood in the hallway and started yelling "Mom!! Mom!!".

Last night was one of those nights. It was 4 am and I was sound asleep. All of the sudden, Jack started yelling for me. It always startles me so I jumped out of bed and ran into the hallway.

Me: "Jack, what's the matter?"

Jack is crying and says: "Mommy, I'm just so afraid"

Me: "Ok, relax, what are you afraid of?"

Jack: "I'mmmmm.....I'mmmmm....I'mmmm......just so afraid......that I am going to run out of SALIVA!!"

Seriously!! No joke, most kids are afraid of lightening and thunder, or monsters under their bed, not MY child, MY child is afraid of running out of saliva!!

LOL! I can laugh now because it is not 4am...definitely not funny at 4am!

After getting a big drink of water, to replenish his saliva, and some encouragement to start naming Cubs' players in his head, to clear his mind, he did go back to sleep.

Never a dull moment....


Jennifer said...

I'm having the opposite problem as Jack... I have a sore throat and think that I have too much saliva to swallow. Sweet Dream Jack!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kelly, that's so funny and sweet. The things these kids come up with.


Tasha said...

What a wake up call, was he learning about saliva in 1st grade science class? Hope he sleeps better tonight

Johnny C. said...

Well I hate to say I didnt warn you this might be coming, but the reality of being a Cubs fan might have finally hit the young lad. Instead of counting sheep to help him fall asleep, maybe he could count goats. haha. I dont see White Sox fan Drew having any problems. That guy sleeps like a log. :)