Friday, October 3, 2008

Gotta LOVE Pajama Day!!

Me waking Jack up this morning......

Me: "Jack, I have some bad news..."

Jack (interrupting me): "Hey Mom, do you know why I am smiling?"

Me: " Jack, I don't."

Jack: "because today is PAJAMA DAY!!!"

Thank you God for sending Pajama Day for Jack TODAY!!!

Jack has woken up every day for the last 6 months asking if the Cubs won. It is literally the first thing out of his mouth EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. But today, he is excited because he gets to wear pajamas to school.

I did tell him the Cubs lost. He didn't even ask the score, he went back to talking about pajama day. I think he had already figured that they were going to lose and accepted it. How ironic...I guess he really is a true Cubs fan.

Go Cubs!!!! Please......

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Jennifer said...

Oh, thank goodness for p.j. day! And to think that I was worried about Jack on Friday morning.