Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Drew, the "Arthur"

So, Drew wants to be an "arthur" (author) when he grows up. He has decided to start his career by writing a dictionary. He has been working on this the last couple of night after dinner. He just grabs his crayons and paper and sits down at the table. He is doing this entirely on his own and has not asked anyone else any questions or for any help.

He tells me that writing a dictionary is hard work and takes a long time. He is still on "A", but he is going strong. Since the quality of the scan is not great, I am writing a translation of each page under the copy. He is doing an amazing job and it is hilarious. Enjoy...

"First Dict-ary"
"by: Drew Coyle"
"Don't forget, good writers don't copy"
(I have no idea where he got that from)
"Have fun read-ing"

"1. About means you go somewhere and you want to tell about it. Leo told mom about the fest."
"Abra-ca-dab-ra - Abra-ca-dab-ra is something that you say when you do a magic trick."

"Acorn - An acorn is a nut. Squells (squirrels) eat em. James picked acorns for his birthday."
"Act - When you act means that you play in a show. Carol acted in a talent show."
"Actor - Actor is someone that actes in a show."
"Add - To add mean to bring more to the colleshon (collection) that you already have. Anna added 43 to 541 How much is that?"

"After - After means it did not pass yet. After the library, Tex went to the play museum."
"Ahhhhh! - 1. Say ahhh! when you are going down. 2. Say ahhh! at the doctor."
"Aim - To aim means to look at it before you do anything to it."
"Air - The air brings wind."

" All - All means every one of them. Jessie picked all books for 43c (cents). Thats Q(quarter), D(dime), N(nickel), 3Ps(pennies)."

"All-ready - All ready has pasted."

"Am - Am is like "I am a boy."


Cathy said...

This is soooo COOL!!!! When will this book be published?? I want the first copy! :) Keep up the great work Drew!!

Jennifer said...

Awesome A's Drew. I particularly like your definition for "Ahhhhhh". To cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm very impressed! What a great job.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely Astonishing is all I have to say about the A's...Way to go Drew.