Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Missed that lesson...

This picture came in the mail today. It is actually a nice glossy print. I'm not quite sure what I am going to do with it, but there you go.

I really thought that the boys knew McCain and Palin were. Ummmm....I was wrong.

Me: "Hey Ben, look at this picture, do you know who these people are?"

Ben: "yeah, that is Aunt Elaine and Uncle Rick".

Me: "umm.....ok. Drew, who is this in the picture?"

Drew: "Ben, that's not Aunt Elaine and Uncle Rick!"

Me: "well, who is it Drew?"

Drew: "well, I think that guy is St. Andrew, but I don't know who that lady is."

Ok, I told Ben and Drew that it was John McCain and Sarah Palin. Thank goodness they knew that McCain was "trying to be President".

Jack was not home at that time so, I asked him when he got home.

Jack: "Well, that lady is definitely Aunt Jeannine, but I don't know who that guy is".

Well, it was late and we had just gotten home from religious education. I knew this was going to be great material for a blog post so, I encouraged him to "guess who the guy was".
Jack: "well, I guess the father".

Me: "the father?, who's father?"

Jack: "you know, God!, *The* Father!"

Ok, I guess that we'll be working on a little social studies at home this week and maybe we'll throw some religious studies in too. ;)

Busy, Busy, Busy

Spencer just mentioned that he hasn't read my blog in a while.

I told him that was ok because I haven't written in my blog for a while.

He knows that I am a dork and really like that I have "readers". So, he was poking a little fun at me and said "well, what do your *readers* think of that?".

I told him that I *assume* that my "readers" think that I'm BUSY!....and they'd be RIGHT!!

Today is Tuesday, our day looked like this...

7:00 ~ wake up and do morning routine.
8:35 ~ leave to walk to school, get home, clean up kitchen, re-make beds ;)
9:45 ~ speech for Charlie
11:00 ~ "Charlie School" (a mommy & me park district class)
11:00 ~ Grocery store

Home for lunch and nap (or not! as the case was today)

Laundry, closet cleaning, emailing, phone calling during nap time

3:15 ~ wake a crabby Charlie up from his non-nap and walk up to get the boys from school
4:00 ~ get home, have snack, do homework, entertain Charlie
4:45 ~ bring Jack to the Park District for his baseball class, the boys played at the playground there for a few minutes.

5:40 ~ Spencer gets home, I hand Charlie off and leave with Ben and Drew to pick up cheeseburgers and Jack.

6:00 ~ Dinner in the van to make it to Religious Education by 6:15. Today was the first day of R.E. I'm an aide in the boys' class. It was fun. I think that I'm really going to enjoy "helping" much more than "teaching".

8:00 ~ Get home, get boys ready for bed, do reading time and lights out.

Now, I am sitting on the couch, with my feet up, *trying* to be happy about the White Sox winning their game to make it to the playoffs.

Ready to do it all again tomorrow....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cubs Fan for a Day...

This is a picture of Spencer, cheering on the *CUBS*!! It is kind of funny. The Phillies are also trying to lock-in a playoff spot. In case you didn't know, the Cubs have already locked in the "best of the National League spot".

So about the Phillies, they either need to win all of their last 4 games, or get a little help from another team by beating the Mets or the Brewers. It is quite funny that the Cubs are playing the Mets this week and the Brewers this weekend. Whalaaa...Spencer has become an instant Cubs fan. LOL!!! Maybe if he would have talked nice about the Cubs this summer, they would be more inclined to help a poor, desperate Phillies fan.

So, the Mets (a team that is still in contention for a playoff spot) managed to lose a 5-1 lead to the Cubs (a team that doesn't need to win any more games). The game ends up in extra innings. Obviously, the Mets' fans are obviously not pleased with their team. My husband, moved from the kitchen to the family room, so that he could "hear the Mets fans boo louder".

The Cubs did win the game. You're welcome Phillies Fans!!

Want to buy some Popcorn????

I'm not kidding, what kind would you like???

I hate fundraising. Jen used to sell my Girl Scout cookies for me. Isn't she a great sister?!?!

Since I hate, HATE, HATE! selling stuff, what am I supposed to do with my 3 really cute Tiger Scouts that are all supposed to be selling popcorn? Jen says that I should subsidize my blog readers with a 10% discount. I would definitely consider it. But really, our Cub Scout pack is an awesome pack and really does some great things with the funds that they raise.

Please consider buying some popcorn from them. BTW, did I tell you that I am the Den Leader(!). I've got an idea, if you buy some popcorn, I'll put a picture of me on my blog with MY Den Mom uniform. ;)

ETA: If you don't buy some, you will all be able to figure out what you are getting for Christmas this year. Even you Triplet Tree moms will find a bag of popcorn in the White Elephant Exchange...and it is not going to be that yummy chocolate kind.


I did something today for Charlie that I would never, in a million years, have done with the boys.

Going with Charlie to get a haircut is not a fun experience AT ALL! He absolutely HATES getting his hair cut. I have had his hair cut a few times at a local, cheap place and the lady does a pretty good job. She must have kids and is "ok" with him screaming. Since I am also "ok" with him screaming, it works out and she at least gets the job done. It is not a pleasant experience, but he leaves the place with a descent haircut.

I took all of the boys for haircuts on Labor Day. Our usual place was closed so, we had to try another place. Charlie did not like this "new" place any better than the "old" place. He was horrible, and was crying, and carrying on the whole time he was in the chair. I was actually the one sitting in the chair and he was sitting on my lap smearing lollipop and snot all over me. Fine, whatever, I'm used to it....except the lady that was cutting his hair apparently WASN'T used to it. She would stop cutting every time he started to cry, which was pretty much the whole time that we were there. If he stopped to take a breath, he would start up again as soon as she would put the comb in his hair. It was totally worthless. I mean at some point, you just need to go for it and CUT HIS HAIR! She couldn't do it. She was able to do a bit of trimming and charged my $5 for a "beard/bang trim". Worthless!

So today, it has been 3+ weeks since Charlie has had his "beard & bang trim" and his hair was looking a bit shaggy. The big boys were in school so, I decided to give "Kid Snips" a try. I knew that I'd be paying for it, but at least it was only x1, rather than x3, or x4. I thought maybe this would get him over the issue he has with getting his hair cut.

Ahhhh....the best of intentions, but he still HATED it!! He *was* pretty excited to sit in a car and he was really thrilled when they asked him to pick out a movie, but as soon as they put the apron thingie on him, it was all over. He screamed and fought the whole time. They even blew bubbles at him and gave him a balloon. He really could not have cared less about all of the fun stuff, he just continued to scream. Lovely...that was well worth the $16 + tip...NOT!
This was the only picture that I could get because I was too busy holding his hands down and his head still.

The good news is that his haircut is definitely an improvement over what he walked in with. And, since he sat in the car, with a seat belt, I did not leave all full of sticky lollipop residue and snot. But, it was definitely not worth the extra $$ to pamper the little stinker....next month I am getting out my clippers and doing it myself!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Monday!!!


It's Monday morning. I'm feeling competely overwhelmed by all of the things that I have to do this week.

When I was working, I thought only people that went to school and had jobs had Monday Morning Blahs. When the boys were little and Monday morning came, I realized that Monday mornings were still tough because, of course, Spencer went back to work and I was on my own for another busy week with 3 babies.

If you still have young triplets, you might not want to read this. BUT..... life is still REALLY busy!! I have so much to do. Sure, I have 6.5 hours without 3/4's of my boys, but I'm finding that the work that comes with having them in first grade is filling up that time REALLY quickly. And, there is no getting anything done between 4pm and 8:15pm. That is when we are in survival mode...Between homework, reading time, dinner, soccer practice, birthday parties, religious ed, Cub Scouts, and CHARLIE!, life is NUTSO!!

I am in no way saying that life is harder than when the boys were babies, but at least when the boys were babies, I didn't do much else. If I had dinner on the table in the evening, clean and fed babies, and the house looking descent, I was a miracle worker as far as everyone else was concerned. Now, I really can't sent my kids to Cub scouts without their patches sewn on, I can't send them to school without their homework done, or without a lunch, or in pj's because it is "laundry day" and I can't really avoid volunteering to help with some of their activites. That, in addition to the fact that my house is absolutely trashed, we have no groceries, my potted flowers are dying of thirst, I haven't finished putting away the laundry from Friday and I have a "fresh" batch of stinkie clothes ready to be attacked, it is going to be a very busy week. How do people that have *real* jobs do this???

Ok, I feel better. I'm ready to attack my week. Wish me luck!

Friday, September 19, 2008

The day Drew has been waiting his whole life for...

Today, Drew took his first spelling test!!!

It's a bummer that the scan didn't turn out better, but Drew properly spelled "to", "I", "like", "my", and "has". And he wrote the sentence "The cat can see."

I'm happy to report that Drew did spell all of the words correctly on his test....WHEW! ;)

So, in honor of Drew's first spelling test, I am taking this opportunity to brag about my smart little boy....enjoy!!

If you did know Drew as a baby, you missed out on quite a show. His ability to spell and read, before he could really talk was amazing. Like, "call Jay Leno", kind of amazing....and, I'm not just saying that because I am his mom. Ask anyone that knew him when he was 2! He was a "hit" at parties. :)

We always knew that Drew liked letters and words, but I remember the day when we realized that he didn't just like the letters, he was actually studying them and memorizing the spellings of words. He was 25 months old. Drew was getting speech services at the time. His therapist suggested that since he was so interested in letters and words, I should label things with a written word, to increase his vocabulary.

So, one day, I was drawing pictures of animals on the driveway. I remembered what Tania, our speech therapist suggested and I started writing the words to identify each of the animals. Drew, of course, thought that was great! He just went around reciting all of the letters. That night at dinner, I was telling Spencer about the drawings. As an afterthought, I asked Drew if he remembered how to spell "cow". He did. Ok, I was a little surprised, but "cow" is pretty easy to spell. He then spelled "horse", "pig", "sheep", "rooster" and every other word that I wrote on the driveway. It was amazing. I then started thinking about those "Baby Einstein" flashcards that he loved so much. So, I started to quiz him on those...yup, you guessed it... he could spell most of those cards too.

In honor of this big occasion (the first spelling test), I went through Drew's baby box and found some "memories".

This is a list I made in October 2004 of words that I thought Drew could read and then had him read it to me. I crossed off the ones that he got wrong. He was 28 months old.
Don't worry, I wasn't a nut-job giving her 2 year old a spelling test, I did this once to save the memory with his baby stuff.

My dad introduced Drew to the computer, Christmas 2004.

30 months old

He did this all by himself, with the exception of some space bar help. He'd either not press it at all, or hold it down forever.

I found the printout in his box.

This was the first piece of "art" that Drew brought home when he started preschool at 3 years old. I wonder if his teachers were surprised. ;)

Wow, it was fun finding all of these things and thinking about how far Drew has come. It does make me really wish that I blogged back then, but it is fun to reminisce.

Great job Drew!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Triplet Dinner Night...

It is the 3rd Wednesday of the month. That only means one thing....It's Triplet Mom's Night out!!! Woo Hoo!!! I love the 3rd Wednesday, I'm sure I've mentioned that before.

Today's triplet dinner was a bit different....

Ummmmm....yeah, different, as in this dinner included my triplets. And different, as in there were no fun, triplet moms drinking fancy drinks around....well, except for me and my Coke. :)

Definitely not the same as my usual "Wednesday Night Triplet Dinners", but still pretty fun evening. Spencer is out of town and it has been a busy few weeks so, I decided against getting a sitter for just me to go out. Maybe it was a full moon or the planets were perfectly aligned, but the boys were actually requesting to go to the mall because they wanted to shop (GASP!!)


So, I loaded everyone into the car and I went to the mall to eat....and shop....with my boys.

Happy Meals all around...Woo Hoo!!!

The shopping was a little "different" too. Ben had already decided that he wanted to buy a new shirt for his Webkinz "Ben5" and Drew wanted to get his Cocker Spaniel Webkinz, "Cokker" a pair of pants and "Allie" a new shirt. Jack was a little more practical and decided to buy a new Derrick Lee (or D-Lee as Jack likes to remind me) Cubs shirt. I loved that so, I split the cost with him.

Here are the boys showing off their purchases from a successful evening at the mall.

Another visit from the Tooth Fairy....

It was a special morning in our house!!

Jack lost his first tooth!!! It was so exciting!!!
He actually almost really did lose it. After he brushed his teeth this morning, I brushed them a little bit more. When I was finished, he actually spit the tooth out of his mouth when he was spitting out his toothpaste. We had both moved on without noticing what happened. Jack was busy getting ready to get in the bathtub and said "Mom, I can't feel my tooth wiggling this morning." I turned around and saw blood around his mouth and immediately knew what happened. Luckily(!), the tooth was still stuck to the side of the sink. I told him that he couldn't find his "tooth wiggling" because it was all the way out!!
He was so excited to tell his brothers....and friends....and teacher.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm embarrassing my children....

How can I be embarrassing them, they are only 6?!?!?! I'm the one trying *NOT* to embarrass them.

I'm the one that makes sure that their clothes are on front-wards every day. That is a full time job in itself!!

I'm the one that makes sure that their hair is combed.

I'm the one that made sure that they didn't wear an Elmo or a Blue's Clues shirt when they were past the age of that being "cool".

I'm the one that is teaching them to go potty without heir little hinies showing, because that is apparently a big "no-no" when using the "potty on the wall" in the 1st grade.

I'm *really* looking out for these kids!!

So, you wonder what it is that I am doing that has led my kids to tell me that I am embarrassing them....

LOL!!! Aren't they cute!!

The First Grade has lunch at 12:50 every day. Since it is so late, they are able to bring a snack to eat in the morning, in their class. On the first day of school, it was explained in the note that the snack should be labeled with their name. Well, since this snack has to be "healthy", I thought bananas would be the perfect snack.

So, I got out my Sharpie and labeled them. I really like writing with my Sharpies.....so, I kept going. Every day, they got their name on their banana along with a cute note or picture. Trust me....all cool stuff....like "Go, Cubs, Go", or "don't eat me!", or a silly face. I did throw a banana in there that said "my mommy loves me". Maybe that put it over the top, but I thought, they are SIX...it is still cool for your mom to love you when you are six, isn't it?!?!

So, I guess that is it. Tomorrow it will be boring bananas for everyone. Bummer.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Soliciting Advice....

Shortly before the start of the school year, I added "make your bed" to the pretty short list of jobs that the boys have to do. So, they have been doing it for about a month.

Doesn't that sound great....my boys make their own beds before they go to school in the moring?!?!

Yeah great.....really great...except for the problem is that they are really, really lousy at it. I mean REALLY lousy!!

I am not a neat freak, in fact, I would probably fall closer to the opposite end of that spectrum. I really want to be a neat-freak, I want my house to look like a model house all of the time, but for some reason, my natural tendancy is to leave stuff laying around....like all of my stuff. My mom is really neat and clean. The house I grew up in was always immaculate, except for mine and Jen's rooms. You can show up at my mom and dad's house at any time and it looks like they were waiting for company. I'm sure you are thinking, "yeah, but she doesn't have 4 little kids", but you'll have to take my word that it wouldn't matter. It is just part of who she is. My friend, Cathy is also an AWESOME housekeeper. She was one of our few babysitters when the boys were babies. We would get home, the kids would be asleep and my house would be cleaner and more organized than when we left. She is really good! I want to be like that!

Now that I've established that I am not a neat freak, there is one room that I *do* like to keep clean and that is the boys' room. Maybe it is because it is one of the only rooms in our house that is actually kind of decorated, or maybe because their room can't be "a little bit messy"...it is either neat and clean or it looks like it was destroyed by a tornado. Or, maybe it bothers me because it is a reminder that my mom's neat genes didn't skip a generation and land on my kids. But, for whatever reason, it bothers me when that room is a mess.

Since there are 3 boys in there, it doesn't take much to make it a mess. But at the same time, their room is pretty simple so, it also doesn't take much to make it clean. If the beds are made, the 'stuffed friends' are on their beds, their treasures (JUNK!) are in their toy boxes and the laundry is in the basket, the room is pretty much clean.

Here is how their room looked after I spent 5 minutes in it this morning....with Charlie "helping".

I want them to make their beds and I really think that they should be making their beds, but I have 2 problems. The first problem is that they are 6 and obviously, they cannot make them like I do. That shouldn't bother me, but I'm being honest...it does. My second problem is that they are not even doing as well as they could. But, mornings already come complete with a lot of nagging by me about getting dressed, putting shoes on, putting coats on and packing their bags. I don't think any of us can handle additional nagging. So, they are getting away with doing a crappy job with very little effort.

I realize that this doesn't happen very often, but I'm soliciting advice(!). I'm willing to take any suggestions except the "screw it, a made bed isn't important". Maybe this shouldn't bother me , but it does. If you have some insight and you are a neat person; or have raised neat kids; or raised messy kids, but see where you messed up; or are TRYING to raise neat kids, HELP!!

Do I suck it up and not say anything and let them keep "attempting" to make thier beds? Will they eventually figure it out and start to do a better job? At this point, that doesn't seem likely.

Do I re-make their beds after they go to school?

Or, do I just drop this whole thing and go back to making their beds myself and try again next summer when they have more time to do re-do's?

Thanks if you read this all the way through, and really BIG thanks if you have some "words of wisdom" to share.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Woo Hoo!!! Go Cubs Go!!!

Carlos Zambrano just pitched a no-hitter...it was so cool!!! What a fun game to see! After the Cubs hitting a rough spot, it looks like this might be the thing to pull them out of it! The magic number is now 7...Woo Hoo!!

Since the boys were still awake, I went up to tell Jack what happened. I told him that the Cubs won 5-0 and he was pretty excited. I then started to explain to him that Carlos Zambrano pitched the whole game and the Astros didn't get any hits at all. His response "you mean a no-hitter, Mom?". Ummm...yeah, that is what I meant, Jack. I also explained to him that the last time a Cub's pitcher pitched a no hitter was in 1972. I told him to remember this night because he might be 42 years old before it happens again. He thought that was pretty cool.

On a side note, I have to admit that I was a bit nervous when there were 2 outs in the bottow of the 9th inning. I mean, these are the Cubs, and Carlos was looking a little tired. I think he would have been so mad if he gave up a hit that he could have very well gave up 5 runs really quick if they left him in the game.
Go Cubbies!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Big Friday Night Plans....

LOL.....NOT!!!! We did have a nice evening with the family though.

For dinner, we ordered pizza. I *REALLY* wanted to go to Vito & Nick's for pizza, but the rest of the family wasn't really into it. As much as I love Vito & Nick's pizza, and as much as I love not having to clean up the kitchen after dinner, even I recognize that going out to dinner with 4 little boys that may, or may not, be "into it" could be a disaster. So, we ordered Pizza Hut in...it was no Vito & Nick's, but I didn't have to cook. :)

After dinner, we decided to take a walk. It is not uncommon for us to take a walk after dinner during the warmer months. The boys usually ride their bikes and Spencer and I walk. What was unusual about tonight was that it was raining, and it had been raining all day. The boys loved it! They wanted to keep going! They were a'puddle huntin' and a'puddle jumpin'.....it was cute.

"MaMa, MaMa, MA!MA!..........chzzzzz"

Ben playing 'Croc-et Ball"

After our walk, it was movie time. What is a Friday night without going to the movies?!?! Now, obviously, we did not actually *go* to the movies, the boys set up the family room like a movie theatre and we all picked a seat and watched "Wipeout".

And then, the kids went to bed and we had some real *adult* Friday night fun...blogging for me and a Rolling Stones movie for Spencer. ;)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!

September 11th was my grandmother's birthday. After a long, full life of almost 91 years, she passed away last year. When I was growing up, she was one of my favorite people in the world. Her maiden name was Kelly. She always told me that there were a lot of girls named "Kelly", but not that many that had a *real* reason for the name...like me...LOL! I know it made her really happy that my mom and dad named me Kelly and it always got me extra brownie points with her.

My grandmother always loved kids and was awesome to us when we were growing up. She was the catcher at our family softball games, she played football with us on Thanksgiving. She also taught us how to play Buzz, Bunco, Pass the Aces and many other card games. And, we always played for money....her money. :) She loved swimming with us and hiking at Starved Rock with us. She let us help put up her Christmas tree every year and she even let me play with her Nativity Scene. She had the best Nativity Scene ever....it had so many pieces! She sent me mail at college at least a few times a week....most of the time it was comics cut out of the newspaper that she thought I would enjoy. We rarely left her house without a new $2 bill and a bag of leftovers. If you complimented anything of hers, you would be bringing that home too.

I could go on forever...

It makes me sad that the boys only knew her as a very old woman. But, even in her old age, she loved them very much and got so much joy out of them. The boys have been talking about "Grandma Gracie" all day today. I remember last year on September 11th, Drew was at the park and he climbed up to the top of the play structure and started singing "Happy Birthday" to my grandma. He said he went up to the top because he wanted to be as close as he could be to heaven so that she would hear him.

She was a special person and I was very lucky to be her granddaughter.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Can you do this with your eyes??

I know it looks a bit strange. Drew doesn't cross his eyes, but sometimes, it is like he purposely looking in two different directions.

I actually think it is a sign of extreme intelligence. ;)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I have "blogger's block"....

We are still here, we are still busy, the boys are still funny, but I'm having trouble thinking of things to blog about.

....I'll have to go A Blog Readin' and see what inspiration I can get from other people's blogs.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Grandkids Day

Today was "Grandkid's Day" in Grandmom Adelaide's neighborhood. Since Ben had his soccer game, Spencer stayed with Ben and I brought the rest of the boys to the festivites at Grandmom's. It was a nice set up. Although the weather was cool, some people were swimming in the pool. They had a face painter and balloons and some food. The boys had a good time. Jack and Drew got their faces painted and Charlie enjoyed running all over the place with his brothers. Ben's soccer game ended early enough that he was also able to get a balloon animal with his brothers.

We did have, what thankfully turned out to be, a minor problem. When we were eating lunch, Charlie was eating a hot dog. All of the sudden, he started SCREAMING! I pulled the bite of hot dog out of his mouth and a bee came out with it. He was screaming hysterically. I looked in his mouth and saw the stinger still on his tongue. It was definitely one of those moments that I did not want to be the one "in charge". Luckily, it really turned out as good as it could have. I was able to get a hold of a tweezers and pulled out the stinger. He ended up having, absolutely, no reaction to the sting. We kept a close eye on him for quite a while, but his tongue was fine. Just another day in the life of having 4 boys.

Go Ben!!!

Ben had his first soccer game today. Spencer said that Ben did really well. He said that every time Ben was running after the ball, he had a big smile on his face. Ben had a good time and I think he was feeling quite proud. Yay Ben!!!

Good News/Bad News

The good news is that I bought Charlie some new shoes. I bought some nice "Cars" shoes, because, well, he likes Cars. They are so Charlie....he should love them!!

Unfortunately, he doesn't!! He doesn't even like them a little bit....it would be safe to say that he pretty much, absolutely HATES THEM!!! The "poor" child cried for 1/2 hour this morning because we made him.....*gasp*.....WEAR SHOES!!! He was so sad. He cried for a good long time, but he did get over it...I guess that I should have taken a picture of that.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Get that boy some shoes!!!

The high temperature today was 62 degrees. It was a cold, windy, rainy, miserable 62 degrees. Remember this day last January. Now, that was a nice day! How can January 6th have better weather than September 4th?!?! That is just wrong! It was 94 degrees 2 days ago. I hope none of my "friends" were wishing away that nice weather. This could be all your fault!

Now, here is my problem....I'm not ready for the cold weather.

While it is true that I hate winter and will never *really* be ready for the cold weather, that is not exactly what I am talking about. What I mean is that I am really NOT ready.....

Like, my kids do not have cold weather clothes yet!!!

Maybe it just me and maybe I was just too busy tracking down cheap school supplies when I should have been looking for sales on jeans and sweatshirts, but I had a real problem dressing my kids this morning.

The biggest problem turned out to be Charlie.

Now, how could Charlie be a problem, you may ask...

Well, while I was able to track down some long-sleeve shirts with shorts for the boys and I did find some jeans for Charlie, I soon realized that poor Charlie has no shoes! He has been wearing Crocs all summer. I love those things!...but, they have worked out so well for Charlie that I have not even thought about the fact that he probably grew out of his gym shoes (or "sneakers" as Spencer would say) months ago. Yup, I didn't think of that until this morning.

So, I guess maybe it was a "good thing" that we had this short (please let it be short!) spell of cold weather. Charlie and I will have to spend a few of our *free* hours shopping over the next few days. There are definitely worst things in the world.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thank you Aunt Elaine!!

Only a super-special Godmother like Aunt Elaine would send such a thoughtful gift for the anniversary of Drew's baptism. He was very excited to receive the medal of St. Andrew on Saturday. He loves it and has been wearing it ever since.

He has also been telling everyone about it. He told my mom and dad that "it is St. Andrew, because, really, I'm not the only Andrew in the world". He also wrote about it in his journal in school, which his teacher had him read to his entire class. Apparently, she was impressed that Drew wrote 6 sentences about his weekend in his journal, rather than just one sentence.

So, thank you very much Aunt Elaine. You made Drew very happy.

All boy!