Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I did something today for Charlie that I would never, in a million years, have done with the boys.

Going with Charlie to get a haircut is not a fun experience AT ALL! He absolutely HATES getting his hair cut. I have had his hair cut a few times at a local, cheap place and the lady does a pretty good job. She must have kids and is "ok" with him screaming. Since I am also "ok" with him screaming, it works out and she at least gets the job done. It is not a pleasant experience, but he leaves the place with a descent haircut.

I took all of the boys for haircuts on Labor Day. Our usual place was closed so, we had to try another place. Charlie did not like this "new" place any better than the "old" place. He was horrible, and was crying, and carrying on the whole time he was in the chair. I was actually the one sitting in the chair and he was sitting on my lap smearing lollipop and snot all over me. Fine, whatever, I'm used to it....except the lady that was cutting his hair apparently WASN'T used to it. She would stop cutting every time he started to cry, which was pretty much the whole time that we were there. If he stopped to take a breath, he would start up again as soon as she would put the comb in his hair. It was totally worthless. I mean at some point, you just need to go for it and CUT HIS HAIR! She couldn't do it. She was able to do a bit of trimming and charged my $5 for a "beard/bang trim". Worthless!

So today, it has been 3+ weeks since Charlie has had his "beard & bang trim" and his hair was looking a bit shaggy. The big boys were in school so, I decided to give "Kid Snips" a try. I knew that I'd be paying for it, but at least it was only x1, rather than x3, or x4. I thought maybe this would get him over the issue he has with getting his hair cut.

Ahhhh....the best of intentions, but he still HATED it!! He *was* pretty excited to sit in a car and he was really thrilled when they asked him to pick out a movie, but as soon as they put the apron thingie on him, it was all over. He screamed and fought the whole time. They even blew bubbles at him and gave him a balloon. He really could not have cared less about all of the fun stuff, he just continued to scream. Lovely...that was well worth the $16 + tip...NOT!
This was the only picture that I could get because I was too busy holding his hands down and his head still.

The good news is that his haircut is definitely an improvement over what he walked in with. And, since he sat in the car, with a seat belt, I did not leave all full of sticky lollipop residue and snot. But, it was definitely not worth the extra $$ to pamper the little month I am getting out my clippers and doing it myself!!

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Anonymous said...

I feel your pain, sista! Sam only recently stopped crying during his hair cuts.