Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another visit from the Tooth Fairy....

It was a special morning in our house!!

Jack lost his first tooth!!! It was so exciting!!!
He actually almost really did lose it. After he brushed his teeth this morning, I brushed them a little bit more. When I was finished, he actually spit the tooth out of his mouth when he was spitting out his toothpaste. We had both moved on without noticing what happened. Jack was busy getting ready to get in the bathtub and said "Mom, I can't feel my tooth wiggling this morning." I turned around and saw blood around his mouth and immediately knew what happened. Luckily(!), the tooth was still stuck to the side of the sink. I told him that he couldn't find his "tooth wiggling" because it was all the way out!!
He was so excited to tell his brothers....and friends....and teacher.

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Jennifer said...

Congratulations Jack! I can't wait to see the toothless boy!