Sunday, September 14, 2008


Woo Hoo!!! Go Cubs Go!!!

Carlos Zambrano just pitched a was so cool!!! What a fun game to see! After the Cubs hitting a rough spot, it looks like this might be the thing to pull them out of it! The magic number is now 7...Woo Hoo!!

Since the boys were still awake, I went up to tell Jack what happened. I told him that the Cubs won 5-0 and he was pretty excited. I then started to explain to him that Carlos Zambrano pitched the whole game and the Astros didn't get any hits at all. His response "you mean a no-hitter, Mom?". Ummm...yeah, that is what I meant, Jack. I also explained to him that the last time a Cub's pitcher pitched a no hitter was in 1972. I told him to remember this night because he might be 42 years old before it happens again. He thought that was pretty cool.

On a side note, I have to admit that I was a bit nervous when there were 2 outs in the bottow of the 9th inning. I mean, these are the Cubs, and Carlos was looking a little tired. I think he would have been so mad if he gave up a hit that he could have very well gave up 5 runs really quick if they left him in the game.
Go Cubbies!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad for the Cubs!!! Sorry for the Astros - tell Jack it isn't fair that my team lost...HAHA ---Elaine

Little Johnny said...

Kelly, Kelly. Please. Think of the children!!! Dont subject them to such future disappointment you and I know is coming!! :)

Kelly said...

Johnny, you are just worried that the Cubs are going to spank your precious White Sox in the World Series...oh wait, the WS aren't going to the World Series.