Friday, September 19, 2008

The day Drew has been waiting his whole life for...

Today, Drew took his first spelling test!!!

It's a bummer that the scan didn't turn out better, but Drew properly spelled "to", "I", "like", "my", and "has". And he wrote the sentence "The cat can see."

I'm happy to report that Drew did spell all of the words correctly on his test....WHEW! ;)

So, in honor of Drew's first spelling test, I am taking this opportunity to brag about my smart little boy....enjoy!!

If you did know Drew as a baby, you missed out on quite a show. His ability to spell and read, before he could really talk was amazing. Like, "call Jay Leno", kind of amazing....and, I'm not just saying that because I am his mom. Ask anyone that knew him when he was 2! He was a "hit" at parties. :)

We always knew that Drew liked letters and words, but I remember the day when we realized that he didn't just like the letters, he was actually studying them and memorizing the spellings of words. He was 25 months old. Drew was getting speech services at the time. His therapist suggested that since he was so interested in letters and words, I should label things with a written word, to increase his vocabulary.

So, one day, I was drawing pictures of animals on the driveway. I remembered what Tania, our speech therapist suggested and I started writing the words to identify each of the animals. Drew, of course, thought that was great! He just went around reciting all of the letters. That night at dinner, I was telling Spencer about the drawings. As an afterthought, I asked Drew if he remembered how to spell "cow". He did. Ok, I was a little surprised, but "cow" is pretty easy to spell. He then spelled "horse", "pig", "sheep", "rooster" and every other word that I wrote on the driveway. It was amazing. I then started thinking about those "Baby Einstein" flashcards that he loved so much. So, I started to quiz him on those...yup, you guessed it... he could spell most of those cards too.

In honor of this big occasion (the first spelling test), I went through Drew's baby box and found some "memories".

This is a list I made in October 2004 of words that I thought Drew could read and then had him read it to me. I crossed off the ones that he got wrong. He was 28 months old.
Don't worry, I wasn't a nut-job giving her 2 year old a spelling test, I did this once to save the memory with his baby stuff.

My dad introduced Drew to the computer, Christmas 2004.

30 months old

He did this all by himself, with the exception of some space bar help. He'd either not press it at all, or hold it down forever.

I found the printout in his box.

This was the first piece of "art" that Drew brought home when he started preschool at 3 years old. I wonder if his teachers were surprised. ;)

Wow, it was fun finding all of these things and thinking about how far Drew has come. It does make me really wish that I blogged back then, but it is fun to reminisce.

Great job Drew!!!


Cathy said...

Way to go Drew!! I knew you would do so well!! I love your sentence... what else does the cat do? If you need some ideas... you can come over and watch Alley (our cat). She is a friendly little cat and Winni calls her his "crossed-eyed cutie"! She has crossed-eye vision... but she can see perfectly straight.. her doctor is really amazed on her performance. Keep up the great work Drew!! Love ya!

Katie said...

is there a trip to the National Spelling Bee in Drew's future - I bet he'd walk away the winner!

Tasha said...

I like the octopus know when Drew corrected you on the spelling.