Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Want to buy some Popcorn????

I'm not kidding, what kind would you like???

I hate fundraising. Jen used to sell my Girl Scout cookies for me. Isn't she a great sister?!?!

Since I hate, HATE, HATE! selling stuff, what am I supposed to do with my 3 really cute Tiger Scouts that are all supposed to be selling popcorn? Jen says that I should subsidize my blog readers with a 10% discount. I would definitely consider it. But really, our Cub Scout pack is an awesome pack and really does some great things with the funds that they raise.

Please consider buying some popcorn from them. BTW, did I tell you that I am the Den Leader(!). I've got an idea, if you buy some popcorn, I'll put a picture of me on my blog with MY Den Mom uniform. ;)

ETA: If you don't buy some, you will all be able to figure out what you are getting for Christmas this year. Even you Triplet Tree moms will find a bag of popcorn in the White Elephant Exchange...and it is not going to be that yummy chocolate kind.


ericmnitschke said...

I'm in; save me some popcorn for Monday, but only if I can be featured on the blog as the person furthest away who flew in JUST to get the popcorn!

Anonymous said...

What are you going to put in the White Elephant popcorn...boogers? How much do they cost?


Laura said...

if it will get that picture of you in your den mother uniform posted, I'm in! Where can I see the goodies???

msmichelel said...

Oh welcome to cub scouts and the popcorn!! (can't imagine it with 3!!). I want to see you in your Den leader outfit too!

I read Nineteen minutes. It was a good book, it really stuck with me and made me think about my school days and about my kids.

Theresa said...

Put me down for the carmel chocolate covered kind. Can't remember what it is called, only that my reg cub scout was a no show this year---- his loss.

Jennifer said...

I'm in for three, but I want to do the ordering directily with the Cub Scouts. What is the due date?