Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cubs Fan for a Day...

This is a picture of Spencer, cheering on the *CUBS*!! It is kind of funny. The Phillies are also trying to lock-in a playoff spot. In case you didn't know, the Cubs have already locked in the "best of the National League spot".

So about the Phillies, they either need to win all of their last 4 games, or get a little help from another team by beating the Mets or the Brewers. It is quite funny that the Cubs are playing the Mets this week and the Brewers this weekend. Whalaaa...Spencer has become an instant Cubs fan. LOL!!! Maybe if he would have talked nice about the Cubs this summer, they would be more inclined to help a poor, desperate Phillies fan.

So, the Mets (a team that is still in contention for a playoff spot) managed to lose a 5-1 lead to the Cubs (a team that doesn't need to win any more games). The game ends up in extra innings. Obviously, the Mets' fans are obviously not pleased with their team. My husband, moved from the kitchen to the family room, so that he could "hear the Mets fans boo louder".

The Cubs did win the game. You're welcome Phillies Fans!!


Cathy said...

That is so FUNNY!!! Where have you been all year long Spencer!!! Let's hear you sing the famous Cubs song now!! Maybe you need to hear the song in the morning on your way to work as the boys listen to it in the morning with their breakfast! GO CUBS GO!!!

Rich said...

Poor, beleaguered Spencer. Its hard enough being a Phillies fan in Philly...I can only imagine the agony that all the frontrunning Cubs fans are inflicting now as they try (in vain, again) to win their first world series in a century.
Hang in there, buddy. It will all be worth it when the Phightins send the Cubbies home empty-handed in October.

Katie said...

hey I want those Mets to win and it's only because we got some playoff tickets with our mini-season ticket package. Seeing that was an easy score I don't think many of their fans had much faith in them! Poor Mets!