Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm embarrassing my children....

How can I be embarrassing them, they are only 6?!?!?! I'm the one trying *NOT* to embarrass them.

I'm the one that makes sure that their clothes are on front-wards every day. That is a full time job in itself!!

I'm the one that makes sure that their hair is combed.

I'm the one that made sure that they didn't wear an Elmo or a Blue's Clues shirt when they were past the age of that being "cool".

I'm the one that is teaching them to go potty without heir little hinies showing, because that is apparently a big "no-no" when using the "potty on the wall" in the 1st grade.

I'm *really* looking out for these kids!!

So, you wonder what it is that I am doing that has led my kids to tell me that I am embarrassing them....

LOL!!! Aren't they cute!!

The First Grade has lunch at 12:50 every day. Since it is so late, they are able to bring a snack to eat in the morning, in their class. On the first day of school, it was explained in the note that the snack should be labeled with their name. Well, since this snack has to be "healthy", I thought bananas would be the perfect snack.

So, I got out my Sharpie and labeled them. I really like writing with my Sharpies.....so, I kept going. Every day, they got their name on their banana along with a cute note or picture. Trust me....all cool stuff....like "Go, Cubs, Go", or "don't eat me!", or a silly face. I did throw a banana in there that said "my mommy loves me". Maybe that put it over the top, but I thought, they are SIX...it is still cool for your mom to love you when you are six, isn't it?!?!

So, I guess that is it. Tomorrow it will be boring bananas for everyone. Bummer.


Katie said...

If that embarrases them you are in big trouble! It could be way worse. I think they are very cute!

Theresa said...

I stole this idea and my girls LOVED it. Guess the embarassment must be a boy thing. Very cute and thoughtful if you ask me.

Tasha said...

Rachel informed me I was not allowed to leave notes in her lunch anymore- She is a middle schooler after all. Then she came home from school bragging about her friend's Mom that sent some candy and a note in her lunch, mentioning all the friends names. Why was she so cool?---bribery with the candy.