Thursday, September 4, 2008

Get that boy some shoes!!!

The high temperature today was 62 degrees. It was a cold, windy, rainy, miserable 62 degrees. Remember this day last January. Now, that was a nice day! How can January 6th have better weather than September 4th?!?! That is just wrong! It was 94 degrees 2 days ago. I hope none of my "friends" were wishing away that nice weather. This could be all your fault!

Now, here is my problem....I'm not ready for the cold weather.

While it is true that I hate winter and will never *really* be ready for the cold weather, that is not exactly what I am talking about. What I mean is that I am really NOT ready.....

Like, my kids do not have cold weather clothes yet!!!

Maybe it just me and maybe I was just too busy tracking down cheap school supplies when I should have been looking for sales on jeans and sweatshirts, but I had a real problem dressing my kids this morning.

The biggest problem turned out to be Charlie.

Now, how could Charlie be a problem, you may ask...

Well, while I was able to track down some long-sleeve shirts with shorts for the boys and I did find some jeans for Charlie, I soon realized that poor Charlie has no shoes! He has been wearing Crocs all summer. I love those things!...but, they have worked out so well for Charlie that I have not even thought about the fact that he probably grew out of his gym shoes (or "sneakers" as Spencer would say) months ago. Yup, I didn't think of that until this morning.

So, I guess maybe it was a "good thing" that we had this short (please let it be short!) spell of cold weather. Charlie and I will have to spend a few of our *free* hours shopping over the next few days. There are definitely worst things in the world.

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