Sunday, January 6, 2008

55 Degrees and Rainy....

A perfect weather day for January 6th in Chicago!!! And, the Coyle Family thoroughly enjoyed the nice weather! It is so hard to believe that the snow is gone!!! The boys were not disappointed that they could not use the new sleds that Santa brought because they were able to use their new scooters. That Santa guy is a smart guy!!! They also were able to drag out their big wheels and play a little catch. A good afternoon all around.

In other news, Charlie still seems to have his stomach bug. We were optimistically hopeful that it was gone, but he proved us wrong. YUCK!!! The weird/cool side effect of this bug is that it has brought back his love of grapes. His favorite foods were grapes and hotdogs until his last stomach bug at the beginning of November. Since then, he would not touch either food. Well tonight, Charlie was watching Spencer make his lunch for tomorrow. When Spencer started packing his grapes, Charlie started babbling and throwing every sign that he knows at him. We sat him back in his highchair and he gobbled up all of the grapes that we would give to him. We had to cut him off because we didn't want to be seeing them again later. Here is a picture of him emphatically signing "more" while he had one in his mouth and some still on his tray. Too funny!!

Our Grape Monster

Christmas Break is over and the boys are back in school tomorrow. It has been a quick 2 weeks!! Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Charlie must be taking after his Auntie Jen... I'm known as the "Grape Lady" at Hinsdale Hospital.