Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Going to school...

The most stressful 15 minutes of our day is between 8:40 and 8:55 every morning. No matter what we do to prepare for those 15 minutes, they never go smoothly. Maybe our approach is all wrong or maybe it is just the result of having 4 little kids...I'm not sure.

The majority of our mornings run relatively smooth. Charlie and I get up at about 7:15, Spencer is long gone. Charlie drinks his milk on my bedroom floor and plays while I take a shower and get ready. We go get the boys about 7:45. The assembly line of baths begin. The boys go one-by-one with each bath taking probably less than 5 minutes. Charlie is thrown in the bath tub at any point during the process when he needs to be contained or entertained. The boys get dressed as they get out and Charlie is always the last one out and I dress him and go downstairs. When we get downstairs, the boys decide what they would like for breakfast from our wide assortment of frozen breakfasts. I warm them up and pour their milk while they are supposed to be getting their shoes on. They have until 8:40 to eat. I sometimes get a chance to peek at my blog for comments ;) while they eat breakfast.

At 8:40, it is time to put on coats, hats, mittens, backpacks and get in the car. This is where the breakdown of our not-so-well-oiled machine begins. Someone forgot to put their shoes on, someone can't find a mitten, someone can't find their box-tops, someone forgot to zipper their backpack and everything falls out. I'm not exactly sure what exactly happens and where everything goes, because it was all there and ready to go 5 minutes earlier, but something/everything always goes wrong.

You would think that we could all relax when we are finally in the car, but not quite yet. Something important always needs to be discussed between the 3 of them before they can buckle their seatbelts. (?) The car is running, Charlie and I are buckled and the boys are talking about 'who knows what'. No matter how many times, I say "sit down and put your seatbelt on", it takes forever!! When we get close to the school and in the car line, I remind the boys that they should put their backpacks on and make sure that they have all of their stuff ready to get out when we get to the front of the line. Somehow, mittens and hats get lost, noses start running, shoes get untied all in the 2 MINUTES it takes to drive to school! We are always holding up the car line. Most people have one or two kids getting out of their car. We have 3 and they are all kindergarteners, kindergarteners that on more than a few occassions come running back to my van after they have gotten out because they have forgotten the ONE thing that they have to bring in with them...their BACKPACKS!

I have got to find a new way to manage those last 15 minutes. Our morning adventure always ends with me yelling "get out, get out, get out!, oh yeah and have fun, I love you". And, on some days, it takes me the whole 2 hours and 45 minutes of kindergarten time to recover and put the
house back together.

The first day of kindergarten, August 2007

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Mishelle said...

I thought I was the only one having "getting out the door" moments like this! Good to know I'm not alone but a little dissapointed that it isn't going to get better going to kindergarten....