Friday, January 4, 2008

The Boys' Room

Since my goal for this blog is to give the boys and even Spencer and I a place to record our memories, I thought posting pictures of the boys' room would be fun to see in years to come. Their room has basically looked like this since they got their big-boy-beds shortly after they turned 3.

They each have a toybox at the bottom of their bed for their special treasures. They can keep happy meal toys, birthday party favors, old menus, deflated balloons or anything else that suits their fancy in their toybox. That way it won't be left on the floor or a coffee table and mistaken for junk and thrown out by mom. We really need to go through those toy boxes one day very soon. It is not a job that is enjoyed by mom or son. It is so hard for them to part with such *valuable* treasures...apparently. They must have inherited that from their dad and Grandmom Adelaide. Not me...I love to throw things out!! If you can see, Jack's toybox is not even closing all of the way. We've definitely got a project ahead of us.

We plan on rearranging their room and bunking 2 of the beds about the time that they turn 6. I'm sure they will LOVE that! I can't believe that they are about old enough for bunk beds!

In the last picture, you can see the latest addition to their room. They received the Solar System for Christmas from Santa. They love it! They think it would be a great idea to paint their ceiling and the top of their walls black so that it would look more like space. I don't think so! Jack is a bit confused because Pluto was included with the set even though it is no longer a planet. Someone told him that fact months ago, when it was in the news, and he is still thinking about it. Yesterday in the car, he said "Mom, I just don't understand why Pluto got kicked out". His questions sure keep me on my toes. Thank goodness for Google!!

Charlie is taking a nap right now, so I'll have to do his room later.


Theresa said...

Kelly, their room is so cool, and very very clean. If I ever get my girls' room that clean, I'll take a picture too. Cool idea.

Kelly said...

Thanks Theresa!! I really want to see a picture of your girls' room. I heard it was awesome!