Friday, August 6, 2010

Flashback Friday..."Lounging Drew"

Everyone that knows Drew, loved the picture of Drew doing his homework in his last post.

It is such a "Drew pose". We always laugh because he can make himself comfortable anywhere.
Here are a couple of "flashback" pictures to prove my point...

"Yup, I was just born. I guess I'll just hang out here for a while"

Bili lights...just like the beach

"oops, I problem"

"Hi Mom! Ooops, I'm supposed to be napping."
"I love a good 4th of July concert"

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Homeschooling...Beach Style

(Just for the record....we are no longer on vacation. I am just still catching up my blog.)

The boys all placed into "Accelerated Math" for next year. That means they are going to be "skipping" 3rd grade math and going right into 4th grade math.

At the end of the school year, the school sent home 3 pages of math for the kids going into accelerated math to work on over the summer. I paniced a little thinking that there must be more to 3rd grade math than 3 pages. So, being the "mean mom" that I am, I ordered three, 3rd grade math books...and, brought them on vacation.

Mr. Math...Jack

Ben is working hard.
Doesn't he look smart (and CUTE!!) in his new glasses?!?!?

Math...Drew style...

Charlie has also been doing "schoolwork". He's been working hard on his letters. Charlie is actually the first of the kids that I had to teach how to write. Drew taught the rest of them. ;-)

BTW, Spencer said he wrote this himself. I don't know if I entirely believe him. When he writes on paper, it never looks this good.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Favorite Night of the Year...

In making conversation with the boys, I'm always asking them about their favorite part of things. Like their favorite ride on the boardwalk, or favorite part of a movie, etc. It always makes an interesting conversation and I am often surprised by what they say. Like, in the middle of our trip, when I asked Charlie what his favorite part of the vacation was so far, and he told me "swimming at the pool in the Super 8". I was surprised by that answer... in not such a good way. It was funny, but really, the Super PawPaw, Michigan?!?!?! We weren't even on vacation yet. It was the weekend before we went on vacation when we were up visiting cousins. We did have a really fun weekend that weekend, but the Super 8 was definitely not the best part of it!!
Swimming with the cousins in the BEAUTIFUL(?) pool
at the Super 8!!

Charlie's goof-ball answer made me start to think about *my* favorite part of our annual vacation. I have to say, hands down, that other than the people that we visit, my favorite part of our vacation is the food that we eat.

I guess some people might think that my answer is as goofy as Charlie's, but who cares. Everything down there tastes so good. I love the beach, and the rides, and the little adventures that we take, but everyday, I find myself thinking and dreaming about what we are going to eat for lunch or dinner as soon as I wake up in the morning. The seafood is amazing....clams, mussels, crab....YUM! I also love the cheesesteaks and the buffalo chicken cheesesteak from Blitzes is soooo good (until my lips get sunburned...then it's just painful). And, every good vacation night ends with an ice cream cone from Kohr's Bros. The crazy "boardwalk pizza" is even growing on this Chicago Girl.

So, my favorite night of the year has to be the night of Crab Fest. Every year it is getting bigger and better. This year had something special for everyone!!!

The kids had their own section of the backyard....

...with really yummy food...

...and even provided FIVE swimming pools!!
Can you believe that?!?! The boys' "Other Uncle Craig" ROCKS!!

As if all that isn't enough, there was also a special trip for ice cream with Aunt Colette!!

Then, for the "grown ups"... we all got fun hats to start with...
And, then there was the clams, and the crab...
as much as you could eat...
It was AMAZING!!!

Then, after completely stuffing ourselves, the poker chips came out.
Could it get any better?!?!?!