Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Homeschooling...Beach Style

(Just for the record....we are no longer on vacation. I am just still catching up my blog.)

The boys all placed into "Accelerated Math" for next year. That means they are going to be "skipping" 3rd grade math and going right into 4th grade math.

At the end of the school year, the school sent home 3 pages of math for the kids going into accelerated math to work on over the summer. I paniced a little thinking that there must be more to 3rd grade math than 3 pages. So, being the "mean mom" that I am, I ordered three, 3rd grade math books...and, brought them on vacation.

Mr. Math...Jack

Ben is working hard.
Doesn't he look smart (and CUTE!!) in his new glasses?!?!?

Math...Drew style...

Charlie has also been doing "schoolwork". He's been working hard on his letters. Charlie is actually the first of the kids that I had to teach how to write. Drew taught the rest of them. ;-)

BTW, Spencer said he wrote this himself. I don't know if I entirely believe him. When he writes on paper, it never looks this good.


Jennifer said...

AWESOME!!! Love the summer homework and ALL the pictures. Each really does capture thier personalitites.

Tash said...

I think it is so cute how you can call yourself a "mean mom" I bet your kids don't think so, even though you gave them extra summer homework. Most parents would be proud to have 1 genius, how did you end up with 3 and a half (I'm sure Charlie is sure to follow in big brothers footsteps)? So proud of the boys, you are doing an awesome job , meanie , I mean MOM!