Friday, August 6, 2010

Flashback Friday..."Lounging Drew"

Everyone that knows Drew, loved the picture of Drew doing his homework in his last post.

It is such a "Drew pose". We always laugh because he can make himself comfortable anywhere.
Here are a couple of "flashback" pictures to prove my point...

"Yup, I was just born. I guess I'll just hang out here for a while"

Bili lights...just like the beach

"oops, I problem"

"Hi Mom! Ooops, I'm supposed to be napping."
"I love a good 4th of July concert"


Jennifer said...

Sooo funny, sooo true!

Cathy said...

What a cute post!! I love it and I do see this all the time with Drew!! Wish I could be as flexible as Drew to lounge around like that! ;)

Tash said...

I love the flashbacks , and your "labels " were so cute. I hope he goes his whole life with such comfort.