Sunday, August 24, 2008

The School Supply Totals are in....

If you don't know what I am talking about, click here.

I spent a grand total of $44.32 before taxes.

Since it would have cost me $120 to buy the pre-packaged boxes from the PTA, I ended up saving about $70.

I know everyone that bought the boxes will say....well, what about gas. Well, I would have gone to all of the stores anyway except a trip to Office Depot and a wasted trip to a Walgreens so, take away an other 50 cents and we'll call it even.

I was doing AWESOME with the school supplies, but got hung up on the zip-lock bags and the baby wipes. Of course, those didn't go on sale like the other stuff did, or I just missed it. But, really, I think that if baby wipes went on sale for 9 cents, someone would have called me. The Expo markers were also a pain. Not only are they really expensive, but they are hard to find and the boys each needed 8 of them...ouch!

So, I guess I know what Charlie and I will be doing with our first free week while the boys are in school....spending an extra $70. ;)


Anonymous said...

All right, what stores did you go to, and when did you buy most of the stuff? Right when it came out; right before school? I need to know for next year. ;)


Kelly said...

I bought it all over the last few weeks. It seems like the stores were taking turns with different school supplies products for 9 cents a piece, or some ridiculous price to get in the door.

Maybe, you could hire me to get them all for you next year. If I get your 3 and charge you $10 less for each than the PTA, I'd make a good profit. hmmmm..... ;)

Tasha said...

Wow you are amazing --how do you and my sister do it??? I don't know how much I spent but I'm sure it would be cheaper to hire you to do it for me.

Tash said...

Oh and I like your thinking--have fun whith Charlie the first week of school !