Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Welcome to my life....

I'm guessing folders are not supposed to look like this after 3 days in school. Did you know that they are supposed to last all year?!?!?! This could be a problem.

So are you wondering what happened???

Here is the story...

Every day, the boys bring a bottle of water to school. I want to buy some nicer water bottles for them, but haven't done it yet so, I have just been giving them a bottle of Ice Mountain water each day. I have been reusing the bottles and filling them with fresh water every day.

Well, when Jack got home from school today, he promptly announced that he could not find the top to his water bottle when it was time to pack up....but, I shouldn't worry because......HE PUT IT IN HIS BACKPACK ANYWAY!! Yes, unfortunately Jack did not finish his water at school today. He did, in fact, put a 1/2 full bottle of water, WITH NO TOP!!, in his backpack.


I guess the good news is that he did not bring home the 1/2 carton of chocolate milk that he did not finish at lunch. And, we were able
to get that lesson done so hopefull, that will NEVER happen.

In other news...mornings are a bit crazy. Everyone is still in "summer vacation mode". There is a lot of moseying around and lots, and lots, and lots of talking, and singing and laughing. I'm trying to not be a nag, but I'll just say that everyone is needing lots of reminders to stay focused on getting ready for school. All of that, plus the fact that I'm now packing lunches for everyone, has made for some pretty busy mornings.

So busy, in fact, that this is what I found in my toaster when I went to make dinner this afternoon. Yep, that is *my* breakfast. Apparently, I was so busy, I forgot to eat it. :)


Tasha said...

Been there done that on both those! Rachel's water bottle leaked in her back pack- I do think it had a top on it though. And yes I have left my breakfast sitting so long that it is not eddible when I realized I am hungry. I'm sure things will slow down soon - give it another couple of weeks before the routines kick in. Hang in there!

Cathy said...

Guess you need a daily checklist in the kitchen :) How's that dry erase board coming along in the mud room? Give yourself another week... you will get on a routine again! :)