Sunday, August 17, 2008


Ask any mom, at least any mom with multiples, and they will tell you that it was a happy day when their kids learned how to buckle themselves in the car.
I definitely agree with that!!
Having to climb in the back of the van, especially in the carpool line at school, to quickly buckle 3 kids into their carseats often left me sweating. It was a very happy day when the boys learned how to buckle themselves.
I have been buckling carseats for a long time now. The boys did not learn how to buckle themselves in until after Charlie was born. That is 6 years of buckling...I wonder how many buckles that is.
Anyway, today was a happy day. The boys went into the garage and climbed in the car while I was grabbing my purse. When I got out there, Ben was working on buckling Charlie! And, he did a fantastic job!!! How cool is that?!?!?! I love Ben. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Ben - what an awesome big brother you are!!!!! Hey Kelly - maybe you can make that one of the "leader" of the day's job. - ESV