Sunday, August 24, 2008

Welcome to the 21st Century Kelly!!!

I've done it, I thought I was the last person on the planet, but apparently I am not.

Last night, I......(drumroll please)........joined Facebook.

Now......I want you all to do it.

I received a few invitations over the last few months, but ignored all of them. Then I was talking to our niece yesterday and she was telling me a little more about it. She convinced me to check it out. Spencer went to bed early so, I ended up spending a couple of hours on line "checking it out".

People say it is addictive, but I guess that I haven't gotten that far into it. I don't know what the addictive stuff is. I spent all my time looking up people that I thought would be on it. That was fun, but I am really surprised that there weren't more of you on it.

So, you all need to join too. You get to read about me all of the time with this blog. Now with Facebook, I get to see a bit of what you are up to too. It is really easy. Just register with your name. I also put my schools in there and the thing found a bunch of my old friends for me. it!?!?! That is your assignment for tonight, sign up for Facebook and then invite me to be your "friend".

Don't come back here until you've done it.

Ok, never mind, you can still come back here, but sign up anyway!!


Cathy said...

LOL!!! I am not gonna join it... sorry!! I haven't heard much about it but from what I have see from the people that I work with is that you can see everything on other people's files. It's like the "You Tube" site. My brother posted two family videos on there and I went to the site's homepage and did a search for this kid's name and both of his videos are on the list of hundreds of videos. I was shocked. I wouldn't want some strangers knowing my family and personal life. This is my opinion. So congrats for joining... but I will pass!

Kelly said...

Fine if you don't want to be my "friend". ;)

But, I haven't put anything out there besides my name, our picture, and the schools I graduated from. It is my understanding that nobody can see anything unless they belong to Facebook and then to see anything besides your list of friends, they have to be approved by you as a "friend". I think it is very different than Youtube because anyone can see Youtube stuff. Actually, anyone can see this site too. Someone let me know if I'm wrong.

Thanks Cath.

Katie said...

You can set your privacy settings pretty high to the point if they aren't your friend they can't even see your picture or find you in searching for you. Now some people aren't overly smart or maybe they want to be famous for doing something stupid and make their profile public. These are the people you hear about. You can also limit some people to what they can see about you even if they are your friend. Addictive... the games.

Tasha said...

What century asm I living in ??? I never heard of it. I don't about this stuff, I'm still not sure about the whole blog stuff and if there are any "dangers" with it. keep me posted on this new thing---you know me I'll try anything.