Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So, Charlie, what do you think of all of this quality time that you get to spend with Mom?

This got a little long, but pay special attention to 0:46.

Tonight, after dinner, Spencer took Ben to soccer practice. Charlie stood at the door and cried "dada....DaDa...DADA!!!". This video was taken right after that. Of course after saying "dada" 500 times, he would only say it once for the camera.

For the last 2 days, Charlie has said "DaDa" about a million times times. He says it when he gets up in the morning, he says it when we get in the car, he says it when we get home, he says it when we go for a walk, he says it when he sees the bikes, he says it ALL THE TIME!!!

Ummmm....aren't little boys supposed to cry like that for their mommy?!?!?!

Maybe tomorrow I'll have to stop at the park on the way home from bringing the boys to school, give him ice cream for lunch and then let him watch videos all day. I've got to do something to bribe him to my side....the competition with the best Daddy in the world is just too tough. ;)


Cathy said...

Too funny... are you picking on Charlie! Poor thing! Don't worry.. I am sure he will say Mommy a millions time very soon!

Anonymous said...

Poor Charlie! Too cute, though. Again, I know how you feel. Although I have competition from 3 other people. When I get Sam in the morning, first thing out of his mouth is Where's Lilly? Where's Daddy? Where's Jakey?


Theresa said...

We have to do a playdate and soon. Hadley literally jumped up and down yelling while watching this. TARLEY!!!!!