Monday, August 11, 2008

A watched blog never gets posts...

That is what my wise husband told me tonight when I complained to him that none of "my fans" were posting comments to my plethora post.

I WANT A PLETHORA OF COMMENTS!!!! C'mon people....please!!! You would make my day! I know people are reading this. I've got a counter on the site, it doesn't tell me who, but I know that you all are out there. Go ahead...boost my ego a bit. ;)

BTW, love ya Mishelle and Tasha!! I owe you each a margarita.


Cathy said...

There you go... feeling better now! LOL!! As I said... what's the next word???

Katie said...

I think you really have a plethora of gawkers... LOL! I hope you are enjoying your new camera!