Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Minor Mishap

I have to start this by saying that my camera is out-of-commission. I'm having a hard time blogging without having pictures. I'm so uninspired without my pictures.

We had a minor mishap that I almost didn't blog about because I just don't feel like I can tell a story very well without pictures to help. Then I came up with a brilliant idea. I asked the boys if they would draw a picture of what happened. I had 2 takers. Ben and Drew offered to draw a picture of the mishap.

So, here are the pictures. The pictures are so great, I don't think I even need to write anything. What do you think, can you figure out what happened????

Well, here is the story in case you couldn't get the whole story from the good as they are.

The boys have Vacation Bible School this week. It starts at 9am every morning. So, we are pretty much following our regular school year morning routine. Well, this morning, the boys were finishing up getting dressed and I had just pulled Charlie out of the bathtub. Since we had someplace to be, I was focused on getting Charlie dressed quickly. I layed him down on the bedroom floor to put his diaper on. I didn't notice that he had grabbed the can of fish food and was playing with it while I was putting on his diaper. The next thing I new, he pulled the top off of the fish food can and managed to completely cover his DAMP! body with fish food flakes. YUCK!! He was not happy at all! And, he was really not happy when he found himself back in the bathtub.

There have been days when the boys look like they need another bath by lunch, and there have probably even been a few times that someone probably could have used another bath after breakfast. But, this is the first time that one of my boys have needed a bath.....immediately after TAKING A BATH!! Aaahhhh...boys!!!


Cathy said...

LOL!! Maybe Charlie wanted to be a fishy for the day!!

Mishelle said...

From the picture I though someone had an accident on a skateboard...complete with bike helmet on! I bet fishflakes on a damp body smelled BAD! I hate hte smell of fish food! And I agree...Boys...Ugh!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad Drew and Ben encouraged you to post this funny story. And, I sooo agree... fish food really stinks!!!

Theresa said...

I once left the girls after their bath to grab the phone, and when I got back they were all three playing in the toilet--necessity breeds the energy to re-bathe....