Tuesday, August 19, 2008

VBS Graduates

A couple of weeks ago, the boys spent a week going to Vacation Bible School at our church. This is the first year that they did it and really enjoyed it. Drew especially enjoyed the singing and dancing. On the final day of it, they had a little show for the parents where the kids sang and danced to all of their songs and they had a slide show of the activities for the week. It was cool to see the slide show because the boys don't tell me 1/2 of the things that they do. After VBS every day, they told me what the snack was and the was pretty much it. From the slide show, it looked like a great program.

This is about 1/4 of the kids. B, J & D are on the bottom right.

I guess for Drew, it is still all about the snack. ;)

Well yesterday, when the kids were "climbing the walls", Jack was proud because it actually came easier to him than his brothers. He was really excited about his wall climbing abilities and when Jack is excited about it, well, he just keeps talking. In the midst of all of his talking, he said that the main reason that he was climbing so well was "well.....I just keep my eyes on Jesus". After a couple of "your keeping your eyes on what???" by me, I finally figured out what he was saying. I often wish that I was better at working Jesus and God into ordinary conversation, especially in a way to teach the boys. But, it just does not come naturally to me...the thoughts are there, I just can't or don't articulate them. I guess that I need to work on that, but for now.... THANK YOU VBS!!!

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Cathy said...

Congratulations Boys!! I love snacks too Drew! LOL!! I bet they can't wait til next year! :)