Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Charlie's Closet

If you ever wonder what the closet of a little boy, that happens to be the little brother of triplet boys, looks like, here you go...

Actually, there are two walls in his closest to hang clothes. This rack is just for his long-sleeve shirts. Sweatshirts and short sleve shirts are on the other wall.

I finally went through my old boxes of the boys clothes and turned over Charlie's closet for the colder weather. The little man has 18 onsies, 12 blanket footie sleepers, 40+ long-sleeve shirts and TWO! pairs of jeans. I think he's pretty set...except for the did that happen?!?!

He may not be the best dressed 2 year old, but he could probably win an award for the largest assortment of clothes.

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Anonymous said...

Again, you blog about my life. :) I don't have 3 older boys, but the 2 older ones had A LOT of clothes, and now, so does my little guy.