Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mom and Dad have fun too...

Two weeks ago, Spencer had 4 of his Philly friends come to Chicago so that they could go to the Eagles/Bears Sunday Night Game. The guys were flying in early on Sunday morning so, instead of driving back to our house with the guys, they decided to head right into the city and catch the last regular-season White Sox game and make a day out of it.

Spencer left our house to pick the guys up from the airport at 10am. We did not see them all day until they all came back after the Bears Game at 1:00 in the morning! They all had long faces because the Bears beat the Eagles, but other than that, it sounded like they had a great day.

The part of the trip that I thought was so funny was that in order to accomodate all of these guys in our house, our boys slept in sleeping bags in our room and 3 of Spencer's friends slept in the bunk beds!! LOL! One lucky friend did sleep in the guest room, but it really cracked me up that 3 grown men, with families! and real jobs! were sleeping in the boys' bunk beds.

Can you believe these guys went to a White Sox game and a Bears game dressed like this and they did not get beat up!! That is amazing to me!!

And, for my fun weekend, I went up to Grand Rapids for AQ's Homecoming. I drove up Friday with Cathy and Natasha. Tasha and I shared a hotel room. We had such a good time. We visited with some great friends, stayed up late talking, ate lots of fattening foods, spent a lot of time in the jacuzzi, toured the campus and really just had a great time hanging out with different friends. The college looks awesome. It is so fun to see how it has grown. I can't believe how much building and improving they have done in the last 15 years. What a great college!!

And, a great weekend!!

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