Monday, November 29, 2010

Separation of Church and School

Charlie has been working on rhyming at school. He's been rhyming for a while.... thank you LeapFrog Company, but since they have been working on it at school, he is really "into" it now. He is forever throwing words out there and asking for rhymes, or just listing off things that rhyme, or sometimes, his brothers get in on the action and things get really the Bears vs. Eagles rhymes/poems/songs/chants/taunts that were flying around our house yesterday.

Anyway, last week, we were invited to see a play in which our neighbor's son was performing. The play was the "Birth and Resurrection of Jesus Christ" and it was at the local Mormon Church. I knew that a lot of work has gone into the play and they had been practicing for months. We had tickets to Friday night's play and it was 1 of 4 showings. It was a big deal and there were probably a few hundred people there. Our neighbor had managed to get seats in the first and second row, right in the center.

We arrived a few minutes early so, the kids were sitting in the first row, talking to their friends and we were sitting in the second row talking and answering an occasional question from the kids.

At one point, Charlie turns around, gets up on his knees and loudly starts the "rhyming game" with Spencer....

Charlie (in his very loud 4 year old voice)- "Hey Daddy, Daddy, DADDY...ummmmm....What rhymes with......BOILET?!?!"

Daddy (whispering)- "uhhhhmmmm..... charlie....shhhhh......"

Charlie (still loud and now very excited!) - "DADDY.... it's TOILET!!! TOILET rhymes with BOILET!!!

OMG....and that folks, is the last time the Mormons invite a bunch of Catholics to sit in the front row of their beautiful play.

Our little Catholic boy...gotta love him...


Jennifer said...

Oh, sooo funny!!! Boilet, my new favorite "word"

Katie said...

that is hilarious!

Cathy said...

Charlie is such a cute and very HANDSOME!! My goodness... he is getting so big and I love his hair! Wish I had those curls! ;)

Love the word.... I will have to tell this rhyme to Winni! Thanks Charlie... keep up the great work! ;)