Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stealing pictures is ok...

...if I am in the picture...right?
Happy Birthday Jen!!
(left to right...Me, Charlie, Ben (in front), Jack, my dad, Connor, Liam, Aidan, Jen and "Cool Drew"

To give proper credit, I stole this picture off of my sister's blog. Jen, her boys and my mom and dad came to our pool the other day to celebrate her birthday. We had so much fun! Summer birthday celebrations ROCK!!


The Wright Trips said...

Kelly, your whole family is gorgeous! Looks like everyone had a good time. And I can't believe how big your sis's trips are! Seems like you just said she was pregnant with them.

Jennifer said...

I agree... summer birhtdays do rock! On my birthday, I never had to go to school as a child, never had to work as a professional, and now I just get to play outside all day long with my awesome family. It made 'entering my late 30s' totally worth it! Thanks for hosting!