Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving, the good and the bad...., the good and the bad PICTURES!! Thanksgiving itself was all good. :)

Back to the are a few of the "good"....

Jack, Ben, Charlie and Drew
And, I am so thankful that they let me still dress them...some of the time. :)

Cute boys and all of their cute grandparents.


And, now for the "bad"...

Of course the kids are cute, but what were we thinking colorful stripes and plaids on a country patterned couch almost hurt my eyes.
What were we thinking?!?!
Oh wait, I know what we were thinking....7 little boys???
Let's hurry up and get this picture taken!
The "guys" look good...
However, it is apparently time for a haircut and highlights for me! A
nd, maybe time to go shopping for a less frumpy Thanksgiving shirt too.
No wonder nobody wanted to stand by me.
Ooops....sorry Drew.

I really should have taken pictures of the food! I wouldn't have screwed that up. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, coleslaw. Yumm!!! Spencer has suggested that we should host Thanksgiving one of these years, I don't see the need when my mom has PERFECTED Thanksgiving dinner! As long as my mom is cooking....we'll be there!!
I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!!


Cathy said...

Awww.. very cute! Everyone looks great.. even you too Kelly!

We had a nice Turkey Day too.. and even Winni and I made our own turkey today as a celebration of getting all the Christmas tree and decorations up! ;) We might as well enjoy it now before we head down south in two weeks! ;)

Have a great weekend and I will see you all on Thursday at the Toy Drive ;)

Jennifer said...

Hmmm... even the "good" pictures weren't too good :-). And the comment about you by yourself is funny! I agree with the fact that Mom perfected the Thanksgiving meal... delicious!!!