Monday, January 11, 2010

Pinewood Derby Car #1 is FINISHED!!

Have you ever seen a happier kid?!? That's going to change, drastically, the moment that he finds out that he can't actually race his "Duhbby Car" in the Big Race. YIKES!

The real Cub Scouts in the family (and Daddy) were working very hard on their Pinewood Derby cars this weekend. There was a "mistake" made on the first car, which resulted in a trip to the store buy a new kit, and a very happy 3 year old. Otherwise, the work has progressed very nicely.

You'll have to stay tuned for the finished results...

In other news, Charlie has a new "pose" for pictures. As if the cheesie grin wasn't enough, he now practically closes his eyes when I want him to pose for a picture. It was not easy getting a picture of him with his new, most prized possession. "Charlie, smile", "Charlie, hold up your car", "Charlie, give a nice smile, I can't see your car, CHARLIE....OPEN YOUR EYES!!!". day pictures will get easier, I'm sure.

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Cathy said...

Too cute!! ;)

Maybe you can make up your own race just for Charlie! ;)