Sunday, January 31, 2010

My New Speller...

Drew has always LOVED letters and words. People that did not see him spelling words when he was 2 do not believe me when I tell them what he could do. Unfortunately, I didn't blog back then and was not even good about recording him, but it was amazing. Here is a little video that my dad took in fall 2004 when Drew was 28 months old. He was distracted and the brothers were trying to "help", but it gives you a little bit of an idea.

Charlie has recently noticed words and often asks us to spell things. He has known all of the letters and sounds for quite a while thanks to the Letter Factory and has recently started applying this knowledge to figure out the beginning sounds of words. Usually, he can get the first letter of a word and then throws a bunch of miscellaneous letters on the end for fun. Pretty good for 3, but every once in a while, he gives us a little reminder that although he's doing good, he is not quite a spelling "genius"

For example....

A couple of weeks ago, Charlie wanted to show off his new spelling skills to Daddy, who was taking him to the bathroom.

Charlie: "Daddy, Daddy, I know how to spell POTTY!!!"

Daddy: "That's great Charlie, how do you spell potty?"

Charlie: "Ummmmm....POTTY is spelled B-E-N!!!"

Poor Ben. ;)

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Cathy said...

LOL!!! That is awesome... and yes poor Ben.. but thenas you can see... Ben is his favorite?!?! ;)

I loved the video.. weren't they so cute back then... I miss the old days!! ;)