Monday, February 1, 2010

Makes My Monday...

I haven't played a "blog game" in a while, but I saw this one on Cheryl's Twinfatuation blog and thought the timing was perfect.

Here are my "Makes My Monday" pictures.

This picture was from swimming lessons today.

Last fall, I signed Ben, Jack and Drew up for swimming lessons. The lessons are run through the high school and are taught by the high school swimmers on pretty much a one-on-one basis. I thought the program was great so, I signed them up again for another session. I also told my friend Mishelle about it and she decided to sign her 4 boys up for the same session. We went the first day and it was only our 7 boys signed

After that class, the wheels in my head started spinning...since it was only our kids signed up for the class, maybe they would make an exception for the "kindergarten and up" age requirement and let Charlie join the class....which they did!!

So, that is my "Makes My Monday" story. I really should have included a picture of Mishelle and I chatting, relaxing and enjoying the peace that can only be the result of having all 8 of our boys being taught, entertained and worn out by pretty high school girls that apparently adore them.

Our Swimmers
(Charlie, Ben, Drew, Jack, Lawson, Logan, Lake and Landon)

I probably shouldn't have included this next picture because it really would have made a much better "Not Me! Monday" post. I mean really, what kind of crazy mother would send her kids outside on the first day of February in their bathing suits in Chicago!
BTW, the boots were *totally* not my idea!! Seriously, I told them that they looked silly.

Happy Monday!!


Jennifer said...

Love the post, and the boots :-).

Tash said...

Awesome, how lucky for you. I let Claire walk barefoot in the snow and she hasn't been wearing her winter coat either. We arn't crazy...just native Chicagoans that know it won't kill our kids to be cold for a few minutes....not to mention it hasn't been 20 below zero or they would have been covered, maybe.
Boots are awesome!

Mishelle said...

I just wish that we could bring in cocktails for lesson time! Or hour lessons would be a nice option too!

Mother of Multiples said...

I wish I had that swimming option. We have goldfish swimming school but it is kind of pricy so dont know what I will do when we get to that place. I love love love the pictures of the boys. I love it when someone else has a full of boys. I enjoy reading.