Monday, February 15, 2010

Beauty is....

The boys participated in the Reflections contest through the PTA this year. Reflections is a fine arts "contest" that is sponsored by the National PTA. The participants can choose to write an essay, take a photo, draw a picture or perform their interpretation of the topic. The topic this year was "Beauty is". The boys all decided to write an "essay". My contribution to this whole project was to buy loose leaf paper...this was all them and I think they did a really nice job.

Beauty is Fireworks

The fireworks are cool because they change colors. I like the fireworks because they pop up in the sky. It looks awesome at night. The coolest thing of all is the grand ending. Sometimes they look like things you seen like dogs, people face, stars and other cool stuff. Fireworks are kind of like stars but more colorful. Fireworks are beautiful to me.
by: Ben, 7 years old


Beauty is the Chicago Cubs.

One time on September 15, 2008, Carlos Zambrano pitched a no-hitter. Two times the Cubs were losing and they scored 8 runs in an inning.

The Cubs are the second most famous team in baseball. The reason I like the Cubs is because they are so good. There is another reason I like the Cubs I was born in Illinois. I love the Cubs so much that I like to write about them. I'll name three for you. Derrek Lee, Alfonso Soriano and Amaris Ramirez. I love the Cubs!!The most beautiful thing that can happen to the Cubs is if they won the World Series!!

by: Jack, 7 years old


Beauty is....

What is beauty?

Beauty is smiles, really a star!
You can smile in a car!
Similings one of the best
Smile while your taking a test.
Smiles aren't always with you.
Don't put that 1st, you!

Beauty is flowers, always outside
Sometimes they might be right by your slide!
But who lives there are some bees.
So that's not the perfect place for me.

My Friends

Beauty is my friend, big and small.

These things are some of the best after all.

But your friends live a little far.

So that is not the number 1 star!


Beauty is fireworks, bright in the sky.
I'd like to say, "Fireworks fly!"
But listen, that first word "fire".
So for 1st place this one is retired.

Are you ready....
to see...
the grand prize winner....
or 1st placer is.....

My Family

Beauty is my family, always loves me.

All different people hes and shes.

Really, familys, not that bad.

This is the best, doesn't make me sad!

The End

by: Drew, 7 years old


Our school advances the top 5 in each category for grades K-2. The District then advances the top 5 in each category to the regional district, which encompasses 1/2 of DuPage County.
All 3 of the boys advanced to our district and Ben and Drew advanced to the "big district" where they each received an "Honorable Mention". Personally, I think that one of them should have been the National Champion, but I am their mom. :)


Michelle said...

Oh Kelly, that's so great! What a great job you are doing raising those boys! Great job boys!


Cathy said...

That is so cute!! I figured out Jack's pretty quick... Go Cubbies!!

Did Drew write that entire thing?? If so.. holy cow.. she sure knows how to rhyme!! Way to go!!

Great job Boys!! I would love to hear them again in person!

Jennifer said...

I'm not their mom and I agree... one of them shoudl have won the national competition. Either way, though, I couldn't be more proud!

Tash said...

Very impressive! Way to go boys.