Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just call me Supermom!!!

Why, you may ask....well, apparently, driving 4 cute kids, alone, from Chicago, IL to Philadelphia, PA qualifies for the title of "Supermom". Who knew???

Just to be clear, we are not vacationing without Daddy. The boys and I just left Chicago a few days early to get us, the van, and all of our beach junk, out to the East Coast while Daddy finished out the week of work.

But regardless, because of our mini-cross country adventure, quite a few people have called me "supermom" recently. I don't know if people are just being nice, or are just making conversation, or if they really haven't thought it all the way through, but, the way I see it, it is waaaay easier driving a bunch of buckled-up munchkins straight east on I-80 than it is being at home. There is no cleaning up to do, no dinners to be made, or lunches, or breakfasts either. No laundry to do, no rules to enforce, no chores to nag about. Every request sent my way could be answered with a "not now, I'm driving" and, every altercation or complaint could be stopped by threatening to turn off the music in the car.....the Torpedoes Summer mix CD....over and over, and over again, by the way. Don't tell anyone, but it was a very, very easy 3 days.

We stopped at rest-stops and ate candy (thanks Aunt Jen)...
We swam in hotel swimming pools and ordered pizza in.

Then, we visited with our fabulous friends and played, and played, and played, and ended with a big, very late slumber party.

Then, we met up with some old internet/new real-life triplet friends and had lots of fun with them at dinner and swimming in our hotel swimming pool.
It was nice starting our vacation a few days early. But, it was really nice when Daddy's flight came in and our real vacation could begin.


Jennifer said...

You're a supermom no matter where you are in the country!

Katie said...

You qualify for supermom for sure! Don't underestimate your adventure and take all the credit you can for getting there in one piece and with your computer in one piece!

Tash said...

Supermom, yes I believe it ,, but you are a superwoman and you have superkids.
I've always loved roadtrips and think its great you did it ! I think most moms are just too chicken to do it , but as usual you probably inspired do make it sound too easy! I think you should have a reality show so people can see how its done "super " style