Thursday, July 29, 2010

My hero...

We were going to have a little get-together at our beach house on Sunday night with some good friends. Our plan was to pick up some Mack and Manco's Pizza and some beverages and have everyone over to our "home" for a little while.

In the middle of the afternoon, a HUGE storm hit OC. We were under a "tornado warning" for a while and got lots of rain, and thunder and lightning. It was actually a great storm to watch from our balcony. The only small problem was that storm ended up knocking out our electricity.

After realizing that the electricity wasn't going to come on anytime soon, it was decided that our "party" would be moved to someone else's beach house. Spencer ran out and picked up the pizzas and the drinks and dropped them off at the new location. Then he came home, and since it was still raining, he picked us up and drove us to the party. In all the craziness of getting out the door, we forgot one thing....the KEY to our beach house. OOPS!

Here are a couple of pictures of our beach house. Thankfully, we are on the first floor!!

While we were at the party, we realized we did not have any keys to get back in. We devised a plan that we would pull the van up close to the house and Spencer would climb on top of the van and hop up onto the balcony....such a gentleman. Thankfully, we left the doors off the balcony open to keep the air circulating, since we had no a/c from the power outage.

It was a great plan and we were ready to go. So, at about 10:00 we were driving down our block to go home and realized that we had a bit of a problem. The power was still not back on and our typically, very quiet beach block, was partying like crazy!! It was like all of the neighbors started drinking when the power went out at 4:00 and didn't stop. Everyone was out on their balconies have a great 'ole time....the people above us were out, the people in houses on both sides of us were out, the people across the street were out. It was insane...and, Spencer was MORTIFIED!! This was definitely not how he envisioned quietly "breaking and entering" without anyone noticing. Of course, the boys thought it was absolutely hilarious and couldn't wait to get out of the car to announce what their dad was about to do, to all of our crazy neighbors.
Unfortunately, (for those of us that didn't actually have to climb up the house), that little scoundrel that I married jumped out of the car and climbed up the building so quickly, nobody noticed. He was so fast that I didn't even get a chance to get my camera out. ;-(
It was all so anti-climatic when he opened the door and let us in.
So,,,,,I made him re-enact the whole thing the next night so that I could get a couple pictures so that we could keep this vacation memory forever. :-)

Move over Superman...
Spiderman is my new hero!!


The Wright Trips said...

Nice re-enactment!:) Looks like you married a professional. And I love the beach house. Awesome! Have a great time!

Cathy said...

I am calling the COPS!!!

You had me laughing on the re-enactment!! I loved it! Way to Go Spencer!!!

Tash said...

LOL ,Spencer ROCKS, not for climbing , "breaking and entering" , but for re-enacting for you to take pictures! now that is a husband to end all husbands!