Monday, October 18, 2010

Meet the newest member...

...of our school's E*Action Club.

Oddly enough, the "E" stands for "Environmental". Jack joined the "Environmental Action Club". I guess he didn't get the family memo that we are Republicans!! ;-) As someone on Facebook was nice enough to point out to me...Republicans care about the earth too. We just don't make movies about it. Whew!! :-)

Anyway, one Friday a few weeks ago, Ben and Drew brought home a letter from school about an "exciting opportunity" to join the E*Action that they are big, bad THIRD graders. Ben immediately told me he wasn't interested. Drew himmed and hawed about it for a little while. He looked like he was making a huge lifetime decision. Since the meetings are scheduled for Monday hour before school starts, I definitely wasn't pushing. But, if it was something that he was interested in and wanted to join, I was all for it. He finally told me what he was thinking.

Drew: "Wey'llllll, (Drew starts out explaining all of his deep thoughts with a drawn out "well") I was thinking, this is not something that I really *want* to do, but I don't want to be the only brother *not* doing it."

Me: "That's fine Drew, Ben has already decided that he doesn't want to do it".

Drew: "ok, cool, me neither. bye."

Drew throwing rocks into the pond.
I just thought it was a good picture to use because it looks like he hates the environment. ;-)

So, the bad news was that I was really hoping that we were raising our boys to be strong, independent young men that didn't rely on their brothers or friends to make decisions about what they wanted to do. But, then again, the good news was nobody wanted me to have to take them to school an hour early every other Monday morning. Yay me...

Until the following school day, when Jack brought home the letter about joining the E*Action Club. He was sooooo excited!! He was even happy to sit down and write about why he wanted to be in the E*Action club...and what new ideas he could bring to the club. He wrote a nice little blurb about wanting to pick up trash around the "school yard" and how he was really curious about where the school's recycling went after it went away on the truck. He did so good, he was accepted into the club.

So, the good news is that Jack is part of a club that he is very excited about. More good news is that my worrying about Drew being afraid to be an independent was not necessary. Last week, all of the boys brought home notes to join a "Books and Breakfast Club". Drew was really, REALLY excited about it and had me sign the paper before he even asked if his brothers were joining (which they aren't). Yay Drew!!

Which leaves us to the only bad news...Now I have to get up an hour early on school mornings for 2 different clubs. I guess that I can handle that.

Look at those cute, little, independent, environmentally conscious, Republicans.


The Wright Trips said...

I'm telling you what, those boys get cuter & cuter (and bigger) in each picture. What a great looking family. And yea for the boys making their own decisions! Boo for you having to get up early! What a great group to be involved in...and I have to say that because I'm a liberal. :) Haha!

Jennifer said...

Good for Jack (and Drew) for joining thier own clubs! Cute pictures, especially the one of Drew throwing the rock... hilarious!