Friday, December 3, 2010

He's Back...

Much to the joy...and RELIEF of the little boys in our house, Nippy finally arrived tonight. He surprised us all by showing up with the pizza that we ordered. When we opened up the pizza box, there he was snacking on a little piece. Yikes! Jack said that he was so suprised to see Nippy in the pizza box, that he jumped right out of his seat.
We are very excited that Nippy will be spending a few weeks with us. Here is a link to some of stories about his prior visits. We can't wait to see what he is going to do this year!

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Deb (aka Fannie Applecrack) said...

oh my gosh - so cute!! I just ordered my elf today - can't wait to start this tradition.

Oh - and you can take my button off your blog - I'm not doing this anymore. I didn't have the time to do this like I would have liked. bummer.