Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hey Mom...

"Hey Mom, why does Nippy have a tag???"

Me: "uh, uh, uh"
A lot of people have been asking me where the boys are with Santa.

Well, in our house, Santa is the coolest!!
And, Nippy is right there at #2

The boys have really been enjoying Nippy's visit.

He's been leaving treats and making messes.

We never know what we are going to wake up to when Nippy is around..

Sometimes we find that he has had a problem that needs fixing.

And other times, he is just making our ordinary life a little sillier.

...or tastier

or, messier...again.

(story time, Nippy style)

Life with Nippy in the house is never dull...not that we need an elf to make sure our life is never dull.

And for what it is worth, I did pretty good with the tag question.

"Of course Nippy has a tag...those are his pants! Don't you have a tag on your pants, and don't you quite often put them on inside out, with the tag sticking out?!?!"

My smart boys had nothing to say to that. :) We're all good here...


Deb (aka Fannie Applecrack) said...

Oh my gosh - that is sooo cute! haha
We also have an elf ( Moopa) this year. You have given me great ideas. So far I've only just sat Moopa in different spots - but what you do is so much better!

Anonymous said...

YOu are awesome!! What a great explanation. I probably would have torn it off and said - what tag.....Have a great Christmas!!! - Elaine