Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Trip to the Zoo...

Charlie..."Look Mom, Baby Geese!!!"

I guess Charlie wouldn't really qualify as a "city boy".

Apparently, a trip to the zoo was in order...

But first, we can't take a trip up to the North Side without a stop at Yak-Zees for a Tangy-Chicken Pizza. Yumm!!

Then we did make our way over to the zoo...and not a moment too soon...

"Hey Guys...there is an ELEPHANT!"

Seriously Ben, that is a ZEBRA!! Good thing we decided to spend the afternoon at the zoo!

"We'll call that one Joe, and that one Mary, and.... that one BEER."

What!?!? Who are these kids??

And, this hairy guy brought the best entertainment for the little boys in our family.

To quote Charlie..."That big monkey is picking his nose and eating his SNOT!! Ewwwww!!"
The boys thought it was absolutely hilarious, Spencer about passed out.
Even though we are no longer an "attraction" at the zoo (you triplet moms know what I'm talking about), I thought I would include this picture, because I like it.

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Jennifer said...

How fun!!! Your kids are pretty funny... I think they get it from you! As far as being an attraction at the zoo, we now compete with our choo-choo wagon :-).